D Day minus 2


** Chief WITCH **
I have 2 more days ahead of me as a smoker, before I smoke the last one at bedtime Wednesday, and face Thursday, February 1 as a non smoker...

Anyone wanna join me? (PLEASE???!)
Hey there, how are you getting on?
I'll defo defo defo be stopping after I lose a bit, I don't want to frighten my body, depriving it of everything it's used to!!
I'll join you a few stone down the line, keep me posted on how your doing!
P.S. Love your before amd after pics, really inspired me!
Oh Daisyhappy what a lovely message to find when I logged on just now. Thank you so much! You've really made my day.

Well, I'm 2 days off one year as a non smoker. I lost the plot on the food and weight front for a while, but am now 1/2 stone under my target weight and working on stabilising that loss.

All in all, life is good right now as a slim non smoker. I'm sure you too can get there. I am full of admiration for Allen Carr's book "The Easy Way to Stop Smoking". That's what did it for me. No patches, no nothing. Quit overnight after reading book. (Note: don't "give up". We "give up" nothing!)

Well done with your weight loss too!