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  1. Daffyflowers

    Daffyflowers Member

    wow its the first time ive done one of these but ive always enjoyed reading other peoples so much that i thought i should try one for myself. I did WW last year and lost a stone and now after christmas the old 7pounds have creeped back on so im going to try do this alone and get the 7lbs off me and a further 7lbs, so a stone is my goal.
    im on 18pts a day

    so today i had>
    bf:smoothie(banana,kiwi,lf yog,ice,squeeze honey)-3pts

    lunch:went to wagamamas and had the chicken ramen, which i hate 3/4 of so 8.5pts
    and boldly had 3 steamed veg dumplings-6pts

    well that basically makes up my 18..:cry:!
    so for dinner i had to be creative
    egg white omelette with mushrooms and tomato with lf spray-0pts
    and a bit of sugar free jelly-0pts

    surprisingly full and if i get the munchies i have the old can of diet,caffeine free coke at hand.
    plan on a run in the morning if it stops raining.:tear_drop:
    till then!
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  3. Daffyflowers

    Daffyflowers Member

    actually got up and did my run!haha had to say it was easier with the wind at my back pushing me along but i feel good.
    came back and i had
    bf:1 shredded wheat+splashlf milk+tsp sugar=2pt
    half slice toast with butter=1
    1 egg scrambled=2
    feeling goood

    had quorn mince-1pt
    tomato from tin + veg=0
    chili spices=0
    tbsp chickpeas-.5pts
    50g brown rice-2pt
    bit of parmesan-.5

    kept it low cos i wa going out that night and drink i a demon for calories and points
    drank whiskeys all night, dont ask me why so i dont even know hw many pts that was and i dont wanta know..:(
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  4. Daffyflowers

    Daffyflowers Member

    well after my night out, i am hungover today and so have waaay over eaten but im planning my run in the morning and a low point day so im not too worried yet

    had egg salad sandwich for bf:
    1 egg,2 slices wholewheat toast, bit butter and mayo=5pt
    1 sausage +half slice toast=3.5..bad

    lunch had porridge-3pts
    snack had pack of treble crunch-1.5pts?

    dinner was poached salmon-4pts
    bombay potatoes=4pts
    grilled tomatoe=0
    lowfat yogurt=1.5pts

    so went way over and prob havent even counted properly but ill save myself tomoro xx
  5. Daffyflowers

    Daffyflowers Member

    So after yesterday i wad feeling pretty guilty. I want this last stone off me!im weighing in again on tuesday so i wud love to see 2 lbs off!
    So far today has been great,went for my run this morning with my sister and burned off about 2pts
    Beforr my run i had a banana smoothie made with half banana 1pt,milk 1pt and drop of vanilla essence so that gave me some energy-2pts in all
    For lunch im planning on having a low point soup as im heading over to a dinner in my aunts hse. She is an amazing cook so i definitly need to save the points!
  6. Daffyflowers

    Daffyflowers Member

    So back from my aunts..i tried my best!
    Handfull small tortilini -4
    Tbsp yog with honey -1

    Slice boiled ham -3
    Tbsp mushypeas -.5
    Tbsp corn - .5
    1roast potato 2.5
    Carrot and turnip - 0
    Pavlova w/ cream nd fruit - no idea.
    All in all stayed within points nd got my run in so im happy nd back to normality tomoro
  7. rumbletummy

    rumbletummy Silver Member

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    Hey hon, your diary is sounding great! And I'm very impressed with the running!! Really need to do some exercise, you've reminded me that I need to buy some bananas, I always have 1 before I exercise!!

    Good luck for your weigh in, sure you'll do great! xx
  8. Daffyflowers

    Daffyflowers Member

    Bf porridge halfwater half s milk honey 2.5
    A yogurt slice 1

    Homemade potato,sweet potato nd leek soup -2pt
    Slce brown bread and lowlow 1.5
    Apple .5
    A crocotte nd wee taste of salmon 1pt

    Thin cadburys 1.5pt
    Bit more soup .5
    Some jelly swets 3

    Homemade chicken balti 3pt
    O point salad
    Homemade prawn gyoza 1

    Wooo and a run tomoro
  9. Daffyflowers

    Daffyflowers Member

    waaah, my ipod ran outa battery while writing yesterdays so lets see if i can remeber ...
    yes yes i went for my ruuun!delirah as i was able to run for longer already and it felt great.was rouged in the face after and i put my hood up in embaresment, i always go bright red after a run,im like a beacon to any good lookin men out on their stroll and i just so happen to run into them while in this beautiful state..

    was in a friends hse and all they have is full fat milk, so i was devo but drank it anyway
    had a bowl of porridge with half milk half water and honey - 3pts
    a glass of milk 2pts
    bowl of erin cream of mushroom soup..was amazing and only 2 pts!
    2 ryvitas cracker -1pt
    a yumy choco from italy-had to b around 2pts
    and then half a freddo as i felt guilty half way thru..1pt
    went to another friends house and i had chicken and brocooli bake
    god knows how many points that was
    and then i had 3 jaffa cakes and a hot chocolate!
    wat was i thinking, serious choco craving day obviously
    i dont even wanta know the points

    oo and btw weighed in and was down 1.5-2lbs..the weighing scales is crap
    so YAAYY im goin in the right direction
  10. rumbletummy

    rumbletummy Silver Member

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    Well done hon that's great news! xx
  11. Lozzie Stardust

    Lozzie Stardust Fat Geek to Thin Geek

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    Weight Watchers
    Well done! we all have moments of weakness but your running will help get some bonus points :D
  12. Daffyflowers

    Daffyflowers Member

    Thaaaanks!yes the running is helping for sure,i can already see my stomach tightening and my legs too so its worth it alrite
    Yesterday was good too
    A pear cos i got up late .5
    Then i cleaned the house for an hour so haveta have got some point..
    Yummmmmy baked beans on toast:5.5
    Wee bit of yogurt with honey and tbsp muesli 1.5

    Walkin around town for a while and then me and the boyfriend decided to cook dinner...dangerous
    I had 3 small ribs :around 6 ouch!
    Small fish pie :5.5
    Half banana
    So err slightyly over but my mini activities hopefull helped
  13. Lozzie Stardust

    Lozzie Stardust Fat Geek to Thin Geek

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    How is it going?!
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