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  1. hannata

    hannata I can haz cake?

    Does everyone here stick to the 20 induction rule or do you leave yourself a bit of room for some carbs?

    I totted up my carb total on Exante (taking away the fibre from the carbohydrate value to get net carbs) and it was in the region of 50g. I was always in keto. I was thinking of doing 40-50 a day to see how I get on.

    If I did Atkins long term I couldn't see myself sticking to a 20g a day limit XD
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  3. Kat1e

    Kat1e This is for life

    Hi there. Dont confuse the carbs of a very low cal diet with that of low carb diet

    To get in ketosis you either need:
    Very low cal - then you can have more carbs
    Very low carb - then you can have more cals

    Having said which, induction level carbs of 20g are really designed to kick start people getting into ketosis and losing initial weight fast. There after on the OWL phase people move up to anything 20-60 carbs depending on the person. If you are planning to maintain after exante then can go straight to 40-50g or whatever suits.

    You might be surprised though - it's so become a habit that after 7 months on 20g i actually struggle to up my carbs to 35 a day at the moment! It's nice to know that i can always figure it out in my head when out and about.

    Also - just a check on net carbs - only deduct fibre if label is US - in the uk fibre has already been deducted so carbs listed IS net carbs
  4. hannata

    hannata I can haz cake?

    keto is only based on carbs... you can get vlcds that aren't ketogenic because they have lots of carbs in them (slimfast for one) yet they have the same amount of calories

    I've done very strict keto for a while and I'm really looking for a break to be honest... just wondering what kind of level people manage on long term :)
  5. Alpaca

    Alpaca Gold Member

    I'm only having between 12 - 18 carbs a day as I've got loads to lose and actually like the Atkins diet :)
  6. PurpleBobKat

    PurpleBobKat Full Member

    The thing I like about being on 20g carbs a day is it means I can't even consider eating things that are bad for me. For example just one bag of crisps would be such a high carb total that I would really struggle the rest of the day - so I find I don't even look at them anymore.

    Maybe try 20g for a couple of weeks, see what you think - it'll really change how you eat. If you don't like it, just move up to a higher carb allowance.

    I moved from the Cambridge Diet which has about 50g carbs a day, to 20g a day on Atkins & am much more full on the lower carb limit. Also I found I had a mild case of Atkins flu when I switched as well - 'cos I was getting into much deeper ketosis.

    Good luck

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