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Daily Chat - Friday 22nd June

Well hope this is the first of many:jelous:

In to my 2nd week now of CD and just can't wait to be weighed again. Never been quite so motivated , I must say.

Today is pants at work. Could easily scoff my face, but must resist!!

Off work next week so looking forward to that. Spending the week off with hubby and little one at home as we are going away to Majorca in September. We have a big family bbq at home next sunday so got lots to do for preperations of that - lucky me bbq and no food for moi !! lol

Have a great weekend all

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Well I am off today... have been relaxing all morning... love it!!!

Really have to move my ass soon though cos have loads to do!!!

Gen xx


** Chief WITCH **
I'm sitting in my office, watching the rain teem down outside, wondering whether I really want to go away for the weekend in this weather!

BBQ when you can't eat must be pure hell... hope it doesn't rain for it, mind you!

Just been looking at pictures of the poor souls at the Glastonbury Festival...
what a great idea bluechick.

I too am into second week, and after a wobbly day yesterday (didnt cheat tho) am feeling stronger and more determined than ever.

Weather is ***** today. was going shopping and going to clean car but hasnt stopped raining all day so been sat at home instead doing bugger all!!


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What a good idea! I'm in the middle of moving house, my new house isn't ready to move into until next week so I'm going to move into my bosses house for a week (should be fun.)

What are everyone's plans for the weekend?
I'm going to move into my bosses house for a week (should be fun.)

What are everyone's plans for the weekend?
You must have a REALLY REALLY NICE BOSS. i would rather live on the streets than move in with mine lmao
imm sssssssssssooooooooooooooooo bored @ work!! there is a table of sweets and chocolates behind me...that have been whispering to me all day....

im sitting here PRETENDING TO DO WORK and got my database spreadsheet open to switch too, every time the boss walks past! she's on annual leave nxt week...yipeeeeee!!!


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I know, its bizzare. She is cool, slightly eccentric but her heart is in the right place. Just terrified of leaving my knickers out to dry! lol

I'm not sure what I'm doing yet. Its really strange doing CD as most of my social life involved drinking and eating before so I'm going to have to find a whole new bunch of hobbies. I don't yet trust myself to go out and not be tempted by brandy and a kebab.


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You must have a REALLY REALLY NICE BOSS. i would rather live on the streets than move in with mine lmao
LMAO at on the streets! She must be a nightmare.


Wants to be a loser!
sounds like you are in ketoland lol
Ketoland heeheehee :D I have been a permanent resident of this place for the last 50+days!!!!!!

Each night I sleep in a long sleeved top over a vest with long pyjama trousers and sock with a 13.5 tog duvet - my poor OH has to sleep with no covers on as he's too hot and I won't let him open the window - I am such a meanie :sign0151:.

WI tomorrow morning so will be on first thing to update my ticker etc.

As for the weekend my sisters fridge blew up today so I will be out and about to buy her a new one tomorrow - she said she was going to buy one from argos until I told her I had to wait over 4 weeks for them to deliver ours :sigh:. Iwas going to buy some new work trousers tomorrow aswell as my pants are now peeking over the top of my current pair and I keep tripping myself up on the bottom of them as they hang so low now :D - but then I realised that am only at work for 3 days next week then on holiday until 15th july so if I buy a pair tomorrow they will (hopefully :eek:) most likely be too baggy by the time I go back to work in july - I will buy a belt instead ;).

I hope everyone has a fab weekend

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