Daily Steps....how many do you do?

Discussion in 'Fitness Health and Exercise' started by Sweetheart, 5 November 2009 Social URL.

  1. Sweetheart

    Sweetheart Well-Known Member

    Hi all,
    I've seen threads about daily steps and they dont seem to be active any more so would any one like to join me on a new one.

    Aim for 10,000 steps a day.

    Who's in?
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  3. Sweetheart

    Sweetheart Well-Known Member

    05/11/09 - 10101 steps (4.5miles, 310.9cals)
    Not bad really thats an average day with the school runs. But thats 5/7 days so to be classed as benificial I guess I need to aim for nearer 15000steps so it includes beyond my usual daily routine.

    I dont have my pedometer on around the house though.

    Hopefully today I'll get out and do some pw.
  4. Sweetheart

    Sweetheart Well-Known Member

    Didnt clock up many over the weekend due to helping out doing some DIY.
    Today should be good though as I walked extra this morning after taking my youngest to pre-school.
  5. Sweetheart

    Sweetheart Well-Known Member

    09/11/09 - 15187 steps (6.6miles, 443.9 cals)
  6. Sweetheart

    Sweetheart Well-Known Member

    10/11/09 - 13956 steps (6.2miles, 424.6cals)

    I know today I wont clock up as many as I've got a terrible head-cold and the thought of walking makes me feel ill. My head is pounding just sitting up-right,
  7. Sweetheart

    Sweetheart Well-Known Member

    11/11/09 10532 steps, 4.6miles
    12/11/09 11941 steps, 5.3miles
    13/11/09 7768 steps, 3.4miles

    16/11/09 10639 steps, 4.7miles
  8. BeesBella

    BeesBella Member

    I'm in ! I only do about 5000 - 6000 steps a day, I have the DS games Walk With Me and the Carol Vordermann game.
  9. I am aiming to do at least 10,000 a day - but only reaching 9,000 so far!
  10. Sweetheart

    Sweetheart Well-Known Member

    yeah! Glad to have some interest in this thread.
    Sometimes its not always easy to get 10,000steps in a day but I always think that as long as I'm doing some its better than nothing.
    I might do some stair climbing to help my numbers out (I've got 2 sets here so can be a fun challenge going up and down, I leave a post-it note and pencil and mark off how many times I've been up and down during the day)

    Good luck today :)
  11. Sweetheart

    Sweetheart Well-Known Member

    17/11/09 9461 steps, 4.1miles

    Didnt quite make it yesterday but I missed out on 1 school run so hadnt gotten my steps from that.

    How is everyone else?
  12. Sweetheart

    Sweetheart Well-Known Member

    18/11/09 11027 steps, 4.8miles
    19/11/09 12906steps, 5.6miles
    20/11/09 8962steps, 3.8miles

    Dropped down friday due to spending the morning at hospital while OH had wisdom tooth extracted. Havent recorded the weekends but I know saturday was low but sunday was about average.
  13. Sweetheart

    Sweetheart Well-Known Member

    23/11/09 10093steps, 4.4miles
  14. Sweetheart

    Sweetheart Well-Known Member

    24/11/09 13122 steps 5.8miles
  15. Sweetheart

    Sweetheart Well-Known Member

    25/11/09 14039 steps 6.2miles
  16. Sweetheart

    Sweetheart Well-Known Member

    26/11/09 12126steps, 5.3miles
  17. Fluffygirl

    Fluffygirl Well-Known Member

    Wow, you have been doing really well! I must get a pedometer and I will join in! :) I don't think I do more than 8-9000 a day I would like to do at least 10000. I will buy a pedometer this weekend and update with ammounts next week! :)
  18. Sweetheart

    Sweetheart Well-Known Member

    27/11/09 13074 steps, 5.8miles
    28/11/09 9820 steps, 4.2miles
  19. MinnieMel

    MinnieMel Why Be Normal?

    Hey Sweetheart, et al --

    I would like to join in this thread. I have ordered Personal Trainer: Walking for my DS (yes, I have a DS: because my ten year old wanted to do multiplayer). Until Christmas (as it is a gift), I'll use one of the numerous pedmoters I have in the house. It'll, perhaps, motivate to train for the post-Christmas WiiFit + steps and hula hoop challenge.

    Last edited: 29 November 2009
  20. suespain

    suespain Loves living in the sun

    Just purchased a pedometer and it arrived yesterday. Todays count

    10 December - 11,431 - 336 cals - 4.11km
  21. Sweetheart

    Sweetheart Well-Known Member

    Sorry havent been on to record my steps lately, was poorly with a viral infection last week so was lucky to get as many steps as walking to the bathroom.

    07/12/09 10040steps, 4.5miles
    08/12/09 12161steps, 5.4miles
    09/12/09 11763steps, 5.1miles
    10/12/09 12353steps, 5.4miles

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