Daily Steps....how many do you do?

Discussion in 'Fitness Health and Exercise' started by Sweetheart, 5 November 2009 Social URL.

  1. Sweetheart

    Sweetheart Full Member

    Hi all,
    I've seen threads about daily steps and they dont seem to be active any more so would any one like to join me on a new one.

    Aim for 10,000 steps a day.

    Who's in?
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  3. Sweetheart

    Sweetheart Full Member

    05/11/09 - 10101 steps (4.5miles, 310.9cals)
    Not bad really thats an average day with the school runs. But thats 5/7 days so to be classed as benificial I guess I need to aim for nearer 15000steps so it includes beyond my usual daily routine.

    I dont have my pedometer on around the house though.

    Hopefully today I'll get out and do some pw.
  4. Sweetheart

    Sweetheart Full Member

    Didnt clock up many over the weekend due to helping out doing some DIY.
    Today should be good though as I walked extra this morning after taking my youngest to pre-school.
  5. Sweetheart

    Sweetheart Full Member

    09/11/09 - 15187 steps (6.6miles, 443.9 cals)
  6. Sweetheart

    Sweetheart Full Member

    10/11/09 - 13956 steps (6.2miles, 424.6cals)

    I know today I wont clock up as many as I've got a terrible head-cold and the thought of walking makes me feel ill. My head is pounding just sitting up-right,
  7. Sweetheart

    Sweetheart Full Member

    11/11/09 10532 steps, 4.6miles
    12/11/09 11941 steps, 5.3miles
    13/11/09 7768 steps, 3.4miles

    16/11/09 10639 steps, 4.7miles
  8. BeesBella

    BeesBella Member

    I'm in ! I only do about 5000 - 6000 steps a day, I have the DS games Walk With Me and the Carol Vordermann game.
  9. I am aiming to do at least 10,000 a day - but only reaching 9,000 so far!
  10. Sweetheart

    Sweetheart Full Member

    yeah! Glad to have some interest in this thread.
    Sometimes its not always easy to get 10,000steps in a day but I always think that as long as I'm doing some its better than nothing.
    I might do some stair climbing to help my numbers out (I've got 2 sets here so can be a fun challenge going up and down, I leave a post-it note and pencil and mark off how many times I've been up and down during the day)

    Good luck today :)
  11. Sweetheart

    Sweetheart Full Member

    17/11/09 9461 steps, 4.1miles

    Didnt quite make it yesterday but I missed out on 1 school run so hadnt gotten my steps from that.

    How is everyone else?
  12. Sweetheart

    Sweetheart Full Member

    18/11/09 11027 steps, 4.8miles
    19/11/09 12906steps, 5.6miles
    20/11/09 8962steps, 3.8miles

    Dropped down friday due to spending the morning at hospital while OH had wisdom tooth extracted. Havent recorded the weekends but I know saturday was low but sunday was about average.
  13. Sweetheart

    Sweetheart Full Member

    23/11/09 10093steps, 4.4miles
  14. Sweetheart

    Sweetheart Full Member

    24/11/09 13122 steps 5.8miles
  15. Sweetheart

    Sweetheart Full Member

    25/11/09 14039 steps 6.2miles
  16. Sweetheart

    Sweetheart Full Member

    26/11/09 12126steps, 5.3miles
  17. Fluffygirl

    Fluffygirl Full Member

    Wow, you have been doing really well! I must get a pedometer and I will join in! :) I don't think I do more than 8-9000 a day I would like to do at least 10000. I will buy a pedometer this weekend and update with ammounts next week! :)
  18. Sweetheart

    Sweetheart Full Member

    27/11/09 13074 steps, 5.8miles
    28/11/09 9820 steps, 4.2miles
  19. MinnieMel

    MinnieMel Why Be Normal?

    Hey Sweetheart, et al --

    I would like to join in this thread. I have ordered Personal Trainer: Walking for my DS (yes, I have a DS: because my ten year old wanted to do multiplayer). Until Christmas (as it is a gift), I'll use one of the numerous pedmoters I have in the house. It'll, perhaps, motivate to train for the post-Christmas WiiFit + steps and hula hoop challenge.

    Last edited: 29 November 2009
  20. suespain

    suespain Loves living in the sun

    Just purchased a pedometer and it arrived yesterday. Todays count

    10 December - 11,431 - 336 cals - 4.11km
  21. Sweetheart

    Sweetheart Full Member

    Sorry havent been on to record my steps lately, was poorly with a viral infection last week so was lucky to get as many steps as walking to the bathroom.

    07/12/09 10040steps, 4.5miles
    08/12/09 12161steps, 5.4miles
    09/12/09 11763steps, 5.1miles
    10/12/09 12353steps, 5.4miles

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