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  1. RetailChick

    RetailChick 2 Years Maintaining :)

    Howdy all :)

    Just going to jot down here my daily food intake- hopefully it will help keep me on track as I have gone a bit wild the past week. Hope you all dont mind :confused:

    B- Main Bar tea with skim milk
    L-Main bar tea with skim milk
    S- handful of wine gums, handful of popcorn, wheat and gluten free choc rice bar
    D- Chicken and veg stirfry with half jar of WW sauce, Corn on the cob

    3 Litres of water
    Can of diet 7up
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  3. summergurl

    summergurl ♥3 Years Maintaining♥

    Course we don't mind :) Its brilliant keeping track of the food you eat - i have done ever since refeed and i always think twice about eating something as i know ive gota come write it down :D
  4. RetailChick

    RetailChick 2 Years Maintaining :)

    Cheers :) Yep I'm hoping it will have that effect on me!!!

    B- Main bar tea with skim milk
    L- WW tomato soup, 2 slices of WW WM bread
    S-Banana mixed in a bowl with fat free vanilla yogurt
    D- Boiled chicken breast with salad and balsalmic vineger

    2 litres of water down
    1 litre of soda water

    Tea and skim milk-handful of wine gums
    fat free yogurt with fat free jelly

    Tea with skim milk, 2 squares of choc
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  5. kered

    kered Gold Member

    Welcome to the maintenance board........nice to see you.
  6. RetailChick

    RetailChick 2 Years Maintaining :)

    Thanks Mary :)

    Hope your well xx
  7. RetailChick

    RetailChick 2 Years Maintaining :)

    Another day! Had a sneaky weigh at home this morning and my scales said 9st12lb but it always weighs me a lb lighter than the pharmacists!! Either way some good motivation as it looks like I've lost the 2lbs I put on last week- official WI on Friday!!!!!

    B-Main Bar with tea and skim milk
    L-1 slice ham on WW wm bread, low fat spread, WW carrot and lentil soup, bag of kelkin mini choc rice cakes
    D- V small chicken breast, sprouts, corn on the cob and some low fat mayo- tea with skim milk and 2 quality street sweeties
    S- Fat free yogurt with fat free jelly

    3 Litres of water
    Another tea with skim milk

    ***Grrr had 5 chipper chips- stupid OH and his late takeaways :(
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  8. RetailChick

    RetailChick 2 Years Maintaining :)

    Mmmmmmm dinner was sooooooo delicious :) yummy yummy!!
  9. JanD

    JanD maintaining since June'09

    Hi and welcome :D food looking good :) xx
  10. RetailChick

    RetailChick 2 Years Maintaining :)

    Scales said 9st13lbs this morning boo hiss :(


    B-Main Bar and 2 x tea with skim milk
    L-WW Tomato soup with small white bread roll :( very bad!!
    S-Banana,2 choc covered rice cakes and low fat choc mousse yogurt***another 3 choc rice cakes :(
    D- Plan on small tin of tuna with salad and balsalmic

    1.5 litres of water so far
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  11. Ella Belle

    Ella Belle Silver Member

    Your food looks really good Chick. Don't be worrying about what the scales say from one morning to the next. I know we can't help but look but the only wi that matters is the one on Friday. My scales showed that I'd put up 3lbs from Sunday evening to yesterday evening for no reason at all...but hey it'll be different again this evening ;)

    Good luck with maintaining..can't wait to join you :p
  12. RetailChick

    RetailChick 2 Years Maintaining :)

    Thanks hunny :) I think I would have collapsed if my scales had of said that!!

    Food hasnt been too bad but had a white bread roll with my soup instead of the WW bread :mad: Plus a couple of snacks!!

    Finding it harder this week as I'm off work so just sitting about on my ass!!!

    How long till you refeed hun??
  13. Ella Belle

    Ella Belle Silver Member

    I'm a bit away yet, I'm going to do a refeed week before Christmas but then stay on 2 shakes a day until I come back to tfr to get to goal. It shouldn't take too long, hopefully by the end of Jan I'll be in WW and a regular member of the maintainers forum :)
  14. RetailChick

    RetailChick 2 Years Maintaining :)

    Whoop whoop :) Thats not far away at all hun!! You don't have far to go at all babe! I've been reading up on the new WW plan seems really good but struggling to get my head round it lol
  15. Ella Belle

    Ella Belle Silver Member

    I'm a massive WW fan so I really can't wait to get stuck in, but it will be difficult to adjust after this I'd say. I think the new plan seems great but caution is definitely needed now that fruits are 0points and there's a weekly allowance. Some people seem to think they have to use the extra points cus they are allowed..that's very dangerous I think. One thing people forget sometimes with WW is the rule to pay attention to 'feeling of fullness'..something that would be very important now with 'free' fruit. Anyway, I'm rambling...sorry..xx
  16. RetailChick

    RetailChick 2 Years Maintaining :)

    Yeah whats the story with that weekly allowance? I think I figured out I'm allowed 29 points a day but no idea about weekly or even what they are!!!

    A friend of mine lost 2 st on WW the thing about it that confused me is all she ate was "bad" food but still lost weight cause it was within her points- madness!!
  17. Ella Belle

    Ella Belle Silver Member

    From what I can gather (and the other maintainers are actually doing WW I think so they may be better placed to give advice..) you have your daily allowance, 29 in your case and mine when I start, and you must eat all 29 points every day. Then you have 49 points every week that you can use if you need to for extras, like if you have a night out or a big meal etc. You can also still earn activity points to use. Previously you could save points per day if you had to plan for a big night etc. so the extra weekly points is a big departure, although I still think they need to be used with caution. I did WW in 2007 and lost a lot of weight and really enjoyed it but I ahve to say I ate very healthily but I definitely saw some people losing who were not doing it in the correct way. I'm not judging them, cus in fairness I put all the weight back on, but the thing with WW is it's great that it allows you to have a treat but that treat should be in moderation. It would be good I think if there was a weekly reccomendation of treat points or something, but maybe that would go against their philosophy.
  18. SandraB

    SandraB Gold Member

    I'm a fan of WW too. I've been online and ordered the new paperwork, it was about £12. I will definitely be cautious about fruit too as I could easily scoff 7 or 8 pieces a day and I don't see how that can't count as it could potentially amount to 100's of calories! There must be some proviso surely????
  19. summergurl

    summergurl ♥3 Years Maintaining♥

    I think you are being to hard on yourself chick. Your menu doesnt look bad at all and i can't see why you are :( about it. I would say introduce some fruit if you are able to and some low fat yogs and even a small meringue nest for a snack and defo make sure you are getting your 5 a day! :)

    The ww thing ... there is 49pro points extra that you are allowed during the week. They can be used either in one big blow out like a 2 bottles of wine and a little food or spread out evenly through the week. They are there to be used and to not make us feel like we are missing out on social situations ... kinda like a fall back.

    From the literature ive read on the new system so far (i know nothing of the old) it now encourages people to eat better stuff for us as now things like veg are 0pp and protein is lower in points now than chocolate whereas before i think they had roughly the same points. Ive been on it a week and love it so far :)
  20. RetailChick

    RetailChick 2 Years Maintaining :)

    Thanks girls- that makes sense about the extra points! I've only had 2 night were I've drank since august (wedding and party) as I've been afraid of the weight gain!!! Sandra I'd be concerned too about the fruit and the calories......

    Summergurl I did have a banana today just forgot to add it in :) I think the only reason I'm being a bit hard on myself is I dont have far to go to goal and I'm still snacking!! You'd think I could cut it out until goal but now- frickin no will power!!!

    What I was thinking of doing (if I get a bloomin minute) is pointing my whole menu that I've had this week and see how I've done then?? At least I'll know on Friday if it's working for me!! xxx
  21. summergurl

    summergurl ♥3 Years Maintaining♥

    Go for it chick :)
    I always write everything i eat down and always do a menu for the week ahead - it really does help x

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