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Daily v weekly Syns

I am the same as Nataleee, if I crave something and go over the 15 syns I feel bad and go and eat / drink something else x


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Our consultant says it is better to use flexible syns on the day you plan to go over. So set an amount say 30-50 , then stick to that amount. When you wake up in the morning start back straight away to 5 to 15 syns. xx


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Thanks for your opinions.

I normally do my daily but WI day today and had a gain so then had a mass chocolate binge :( Dont feel any better for it but hey ho!

So I thought if I counted all the syns and then took them off my weekly allowance I might be ok?? If not I'll feel like I've blown the week before it's even begun.

Since getting to target I have switched to weekly syns. (I had never heard of it before then). It works really well for me. I weigh in on a Monday, so that is the first day of my week and I tend to have a few low syn days at the beginning of the week. That way I can 'save up' for a treat later on in the week.

Then I like to go to a cafe and have a real slice of cake (not the scan bran kind!) or go out at the weekend and enjoy a few bevvies and/or a meal out.



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Sadly for me having all my syns everyday as allowed makes me gain so I can only can full syns (15) 2 days a week, the rest I may have 2-3 a day if I fancy them.

I wouldnt have thought it would make a big difference if you have them daily/weekly as long as you dont have too many too near to your weigh in.


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Daily for me, but if I have an event/party to go to, I don't worry too much and compensate the rest of the week by sticking between 5-10 instead. Seems to work for me and keeps me in check :) x
I do daily but if I know I'm going out then I'll drop my syns to 5 or less a day leading up to the event and then drop afterwards if I still need to. I personally don't think it affects your weight loss if you do it weekly or daily as you're still having the same amount of syns overall, which is what counts!
I do mine daily..only just upped them from 0-4 a day to 5-10 now that I go to the gym. My weight loss is better for it too.
If I binge, I binge, but then I make sure that I am on track the next day.
When I got to target weight (before I got married, thought I deserved a 'rest' from dieting and put it all back on, plus more) I did it by using weekly syns, our consultant recommended that and I'd never heard of only using them daily until I rejoined recently!!

The way I look at it is, if you're using flexi syns on a friday night and not compensating for it in the week, then you're having more syns than you would normally, and you can't get away with doing that on a regular basis and still lose weight. Whereas if you count weekly, you can still have your Friday night 'fun' but just reign it in a little the rest of the week and still lose weight.

I just can't get my head round flexi syns .... surely you can't do it on a regular basis or you just wont get the weightloss!?!?

J x
I think the reason SW don't advocate weekly syns now is to discourage bingeing, hence the daily amount. But... if it works for you then go weekly - personally I don't think a bottle of wine is classed as bingeing so using those syns on one day isn't so bad and by following weekly syns then it fits in well.
That was a bit of a ramble but you know what I'm saying! I do daily but like Stacey, if I'm going out, I'll be very good before and afer to compensate.

Flexi syns don't guarantee a weight loss but they are there to help you stay in control. I never ever do flexi syns, if I can't control what I'm having, I'll just have a day off. If you gave me 50 syns, I'd eat the lot and more!!!

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