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daily wi at home


a new way of living!

hi all,

well as i mentioed in another thread, i am a daily weigher...

well i did my morning wi this morning and guess what???

1/2 lb down from yesterday...

which took me to 10st 13.5 lbs!!!! yaaaaaayyyy

will never see 11 again!!!

i'm going to wait a few days before i wi at home again incase it goes up to 11 again, it can go up and down a bit when i wi daily...

i never have to see 11 again!!!

this is the slimmest i have been in 4 years!!!!!


(anyone guess i'm happy??)

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oo well done you, I agree there's no better feeling than the next stone down 15 something here i come - 16.3 at the moment.


a new way of living!
thanks, cant wait for wi on monday, cause i will be in the 60's too in kg :D:D:D i feel like the goal is much closer now cause the numbers have changed, it also adds up to 1.5 stone loss :D:D:D
Like you I weigh daily and even though I was 13 at chemist scales on Monday (evening) I was 12.13 on my own that morning and boy did it feel great!! oooohhh my goal is 10.13 - you lucky thing; enjoy every moment of your glory!!

what day is weigh day for you ?
Hiya i dont really know what weigh day is for me has i started it then i quit then i started it 2 days ago wen i was at chemist changing my drinks she weighed me and i was 12st but on monday i was 12st 5lb wohooooooooooo lets hope i can loose more
WOW! How awesome!

Best feeling in the world getting to a new stones level! :D

When I get into 7s that will be first time from I was 20 - 12 years! lol xox


Gonna be slim again
Fab!!! Im dreaming of 11 stone at the moment....bask in your glory you deserve it!


a new way of living!
I am now lighter than my dad! he is six feet tall and exactly 11 stone, i'm only 5'3" so i still have a way to go yet, so pleased i'm getting there, to think - just over 5 weeks ago i was 12st 7lbs!!!! and now i'm 10s 13.5lb, :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

gone all stupid again now! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
Well done hun, thats great news!

Too tempting not to jump on the scales isn't it???? I get on mine every morning, and this morning I was gutted, the batteries had given up. No weigh-in! Rushed to the shop and got a new battery, rushed home, stripped off and jumped on. Yeaaahhhuuussss only 3/4lb off my number 2 mini target, and lightest in 12-years. I know when WI 3 happens Monday it will all be good news!

It's a great feeling! My business partner is now begging to find out what diet I am on!!!
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Well done Helen.

I often forget to weigh myself first thing and refuse to do it later!!!!! My scales seem to have gone on strike coz then haven't moved for a week and I know I was lighter on the chemists ones.

I had to take my little one to the docs yesterday and stood on their scales - which must be wrong coz they were 9lb lighter than the chemists!!!! It was nice to see the pointer firmly in the middle of the 12's even though I know it isn't my true weight!!!!!

Are you happy about being in the 10's Helen, coz it isn't obviuos from your post!!! Lol! Bless you hun!

I'm so pleased for you - woohoo!! Keep away from those scales now til your weigh in then you'll be comfortably below. I worked out this morning that I'm no longer obese (what a nasty word) now just overweight - but not for much longer.


a new way of living!
thats great well done hope.

thanks everyone, still cant beleive it. just had another wardrobe sort out and pulled things that fit to the front and taken larger clothes out. :D:D

there is a big pile of clothes that no longer fit!!

me happy now!


a new way of living!
just worked out, that i am ten pounds away from a healthy bmi!!!!!! (10st 2lbs)

yaaaaaaaaayyyyy... :D

thats like about another 3 weeks for me :D:D:D

so in about 9-10 weeks i could be on refeed!!!

getting all excited now!
aww well done hun i dont blame you boucing around the room as i know i would be too!

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