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Dairy portion size ..

Mel P

Full Member
Hi All,

I have read through my books and last night checked the LL Management website, but I can't seem to find what the dairy portion size should be in week 2 RTM.

I am concerned that I am having a too much (about 170g to 200g a day). I have made a salad dressing using quark and have fromage frais or yoghurt with jelly.

Does anyone know?

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hi there
i was having 2 greek total 0% yogs a day in week 2 i think
what you are having sounds about right...i will have a look back and see if i can check for you
daisy x


Full Member
When you say 2 greek total 0% Yoghurt is that the 150g pots? Or do they do smaller ones? I never really liked Natural youghurt/fromage frais before but I love it now and am concerned I'm eating too much -also the cottage cheese as well.

I bought a 650g pot of cottage cheese and it only lasted 2 days! Obviously something wrong there....

Mel P

Full Member
Thanks for the replies and good to know I'm on track :)

I didn't like natural yoghurt or fromage fraise before LL and I still don't. But I love them with a teaspoon of splenda added!
its the 150g pots- i would sometimes eat x3 a day - they do do bigger pots but i daren't buy them as i'd scoff the lot!
daisy x


Full Member
I'm finding it quite difficult not to dip into the Quark Cheese/Fromage Frais/Natural Yoghurt in the evening - the odd spoonful here and there as well as the scheduled snacks. Mind you I am still losing 1-2 lbs a week (now starting week 4 RTM) Might have to drop the quark cheese at some point...

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