damn you scales!

Discussion in 'Exante' started by brightonworm, 29 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. brightonworm

    brightonworm Member

    Anyone else get it where u get on the damn things and they'll be all like 16.3 and ur like woo hoo then they just jump up a pound how irrating is that lol
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  3. Jenny_h

    Jenny_h Member

    I find myself getting on the scales at home ever time i nip to the bathroom!!! I really must get out of the habit
  4. brightonworm

    brightonworm Member

    I used to be like that few yrs back when i did cambridge dont do it anymore cos if u think about it u put on weight as soon as u eat or drink something so it eventually starts to make u skip packs and stuff or thats what it did to me so....
  5. missslinky

    missslinky Member

    I've been weighing every day and for the last 4 days the scales haven't budged! It's getting me down but if I don't go on them I lose focus and want to give in! Can't win really x
  6. Jenny_h

    Jenny_h Member

    I have been the same since sunday I have had no weight loss, I felt really despondent this morning, I am going to make a really effort to stay off of the scales until Sunday morning!!!
  7. Predator

    Predator Silver Member

    Yeah the scales are bad! I'm like that, I tend to get on the scales 3 times just to make sure the number is right lol, had a weigh in yesterday so trying my hardest this week to not weigh until next Weds, it's hard but it'll stop me being so obsesssed with the numbers there!
  8. brightonworm

    brightonworm Member

    The other thing is i always forget what my weight was on like my official weekday so i feel like i havent lost anything or very little!
  9. Jenny_h

    Jenny_h Member

    My son has put the scales in the loft until Sunday as he is fed up with hearing about every oz i lose LOL
  10. brightonworm

    brightonworm Member

    Haha lol good lad
  11. Blue Butterfly

    Blue Butterfly Gold Member

    Your weight can fluctuate about 4lbs in a day so it's best to stay away from the scales and only weigh once on weigh day :)
    You'll become obsessed with the scales and maybe disheartened if the scales aren't moving every time you jump on them.

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