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Dangers of the Demon Drink


starting over
S: 93kg C: 91kg G: 75kg BMI: 28.7 Loss: 2kg(2.15%)
I have looked but couldn't find any similar threads easily so sorry to be repetitive but can anyone advise me on the issues around drinking on LL/in ketosis?

I know it is clearly not abstinence and it may take you out of ketosis (depending on your poison) as well as being bad for motivation and self control, but are there additional health risks?

As you may have guessed, I fell off the wagon last night and had a glass or two (okay definitely two large glasses) of dry white wine. Although I am vowing and declaring I won't do it again, a little negative motivation might not go amiss...
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i would also be very interested in any answers to this question - i also fell off the wagon last night after a very stressful day and had a couple of alcoholic drinks. i know this isnt very wise on this diet as our livers are empty of all carbs and the alcohol goes to the liver. i did also have a small something to eat ( to maybe help :sigh: - crooked thinking? ). what do others think? i am now back on it 100% and hoping this doesnt happen again. x
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dont do it........ ive been on the loo all morning. sooooooo not worth it! im hoping for me its a lesson learnt lol xx


starting over
S: 93kg C: 91kg G: 75kg BMI: 28.7 Loss: 2kg(2.15%)
I guess old Saturday night habits are hard to break - glad to know I am not the only bad one! :sign0151:


is Magdalicious
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I don't drink so can't help you with that girlies. I did have a cheeky coke zero last night though. I really hope I didn't get myself out of ketosis with one stupid can.

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The calorie content of alcohol varies a lot, but I'm a wine drinker personally and that's one of the worst things in terms of calorie content. Alcohol should not in itself knock you out of ketosis, but it WILL affect your weight loss. The amount of weight that you lose is based on the difference between your calorie intake and the amount of calories you need to keep your body working. On LLT if you stick to it strictly, you take in a LOT less calories than your body needs and so it gets the rest of its energy from your fat reserves. If you drink, depending what you drink and how much of it, you will lose potentially a lot less weight than you otherwise would have done, and if you drink regularly and in some quantity then you may gain weight. In addition to this, alcohol dehydrates you and particularly if you drink to the point where you have any kind of hangover, your body will be in a bad state for not having enough water.

That said, you're not going to mess up your diet big time if one night you have a glass of wine - just don't make a habit of it and remember why you're doing this in the first place. Not having a drink or food for a few months is a small price to pay for living longer.
Great post Joiya, wise words.
A bit of alcohol isn't going to kill you, but you are in abstinence - that means from food and drink.
It concerns me that you made a decision to eat and drink at this early stage of LL.
Ask yourself - are you really determined, do you really want to lose weight?
If you "cheat" there is only one person you are cheating. It doesn't matter to anyone else. It isn't that you can't have alcohol it is that you are choosing not to while you are on LL.
I thought giving up wine was going to be as hard as giving up food.I used to regularly drink a whole bottle of wine in an evening.
I was so looking forward to being able to drink again once I got to goal. I was excited at the prospect - and guess what?
When i did I was so disappointed, I can take it or leave it now.
Occasionally I'll have a glass, often I don't bother.
I did overdo it on Pina Coladas one night last November
and had a hangover for the first time in over 2 years. It felt awful, I felt awful. I now think of alcohol as 2empty calories"
That to me is an unforseen bonus of doing LL and saved me loads of money too, which I now spend on my new addiction - clothes, shoes, boots and bags!! Such fun.


starting over
S: 93kg C: 91kg G: 75kg BMI: 28.7 Loss: 2kg(2.15%)
Thanks ladies for the info and wise words - really helpful.
Being in Ketosis as you are on LL means your liver is doing a lot of work to keep you going that it doesn't usually have to do. Drinking alcohol in anything other than a small amount is bad for your liver at the best of times. Doing it while in ketosis is dangerous. So if you don't want to do permanent damage to your liver for the sake of a couple of drinks that you don't actually need then I'd say just don't even consider doing it again. There's no point being thin if you have jaundice and can't digest fats and other enzymes properly.

Either do the diet and don't drink or stop doing LL and drink whatever you want. Put this behind you and start again or risk permanent health problems in the future. It's a pretty simple choice don't you think?
Hi Not so Round Rachel :wavey:
As always you talk sense. I feel so much better now I don't drink much. Strange because when I did drink I thought I did it to make me feel better..............:doh::party0036::confused:
I hardly have any these days apart from maybe one glass on a special occasion. Can't cope with the hangovers!
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If you "cheat" there is only one person you are cheating. It doesn't matter to anyone else. It isn't that you can't have alcohol it is that you are choosing not to while you are on LL.
As ever SB your words are wise and thoughtful. Thank you.

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