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Dangertime!!! For starters & re-starters!

Just got in from work, feeling tired and hungry.....very tempting to open the fridge and cram!! That's what I felt like 10 minutes ago having come in from work. I switched on my computer made a shake whilst it was loading up, logged in here and drank my shake! So glad I didn't cave in as I feel ok (for now!)

Evenings are a danger time for me even more so because I have attempted to re-start so many times for months and months. I don't want to ruin the success of SSing for almost another complete day and waste the effort I have put in. I am on day 3 of SS and only have a few hours until bedtime to complete day 3. Anyone else who is experiencing this after work "hunger" or temptation, giving up, call it what you like. Don't!!! I hope that by posting this it will not help me keep to my resolve but may help others from caving in, be it from stress, emotion, hunger. It's not worth it, beleive me. For newbies don't give in, learn from my past mistakes! Stick to CD and follow through the plans. I didn't and I failed. For re-starters, just don't give up, keep trying there must come a point when it clicks in our head we can do this.
ps sorry about any typo's!
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Well done Kira for not giving in to your initial temptation. Good luck with your weight loss.
Well done Kira on identifying your own danger points and avoiding previous temptations.
I too find evenings at home difficult - however, I also get tired and peckish when I am out for the evening so not quite sure what the answer is ?!
I see that you are a petite one like me - the pounds (and the stones) seem to really show up.
I log on when I think that I might just eat something that I shouldn't - thank goodness for the support on this site.
You sound very determined this time, Good Luck!
Thanks for your comments guys! I am feeling in control again having not succumbed to the temptation. The support on this forum is fantastic, I lost about 33 pounds last time and dropped from size 16 to a size 8-10 by end of August 2008. Weight slowly crept on and then the vicious circle started of re-starting failing again and again. There are others who were on the formum earlier and have achieved great losses because they didn't give up. I am determined, I am no longer ashamed I failed hence posting here once again. Hope you all have great evening. Here's tomorrow being another successful day to all any diet program!


Mad as a Hatter
We all have danger times - it's what we choose to do in this time that makes us a success or turns this diet into a failure..

Evenings and weekends are bad for me... take the last 2 nights.. hubby has come home and asked me if I wanted a glass of wine... I said no - 1 point for me...so that was day 1 and day 2 gone in a flash...

This morning, day 3 and it's Saturday.. sitting around with nothing much to do, just made ds1 scampi and fishfingers with beans for his lunch - could have easily slipped one in my mouth, but instead I came on here whilst he cleaned his plate.

we are now going out to try and occupy the afternoon before I get back at 3 and have my 2nd shake..

For me it is all about hour by hour... I cannot think about the next week, month or whatever that I will be on CD, but then again the last 8 years that I have been fat haven't been that fun either

Take it easy

I hate Sunday. Sunday used to be our lazy day where we lounged around, ate pizza, watched dvds etc. Now I'm stuck with fizzy water and a pack of soup.

Sunday's are hard for me.

Well done Kira for not giving in. It is really hard sometimes.

Good luck


can see the end in sight!
Weekend days are tough for me, even more so now I am on the higher plans so actually have food in the house.
I've just had my second shake - well soup actually, but I have to make tea soon for ds1 & 2 which is going to be the killer for me it's one of my favourites... meatballs with tomato sauce on pasta !!! NOOOOOOO !!!

But I will be strong.... must admit the wine in the fridge is calling my name... but I can't hear you..........

Who am I kidding ???
Evenings are a real pain, especially since my husband works almost every evening, so I am alone with the food!!! I think I may start knitting again to keep my mind, and my hands busy. The weekends are also going to be a grind for the same reason. I might actually have to start doing some domestic duties to keep me occupied! Oh the horror!!!
Crack open the knitting.... yayyyy... an avid knitter myself I was thinking the same thing earlier on when I had an hour or so to kill... then I went and had my eyebrows waxed to kill some more time - God I must be desperate...
My DS1 (6) has asked me to show him how to knit, which I have being doing this morning, but it's so frustrating, he would rather watch TV whilst I'm forming the stitches and then he says that he needs me to show him how to do it again...arghhhh..

What kind of knitting do you like doing ? what's your favourite yarn ?
Hey Madferret. I have only recently started knitting, so at the moment I am just buying the cheapest yarn to practice. I made a scarf for my husband which took ages as I used the wrong wool and needles, thanks to the woman in the shop. But it turned out ok in the end! I have just been making "bits" like flowers, 2 hats and some squares.

I have seen this pattern book with quite fashionable knits in it. They look great and very hard, so after a bit of practice, I may venture into more complicated territory. At the moment I am working on a beaded bag as a gift for my Mum. It's in the beginning stages, so wich me luck!
You don't need good luck - just practice, practice and more practice.... must admit though I have always bought the best yarn I could afford... I always seemed to make less mistakes if I had spent a decent amount on it.

Feel free to PM me if you want any help, I have enough books to set up a library and enough yarn to set up my own shop - which is hopefully on the cards in the not too distant future... fingers crossed...
Thanx Madferret. Your own shop sounds cool. I am off to town on Monday (which is an event as its 50 miles away!) so I am going to pick up some great yarn. I will contact you if I need help. x
feel free - did I get it right that you are in New Zealand ?

Not too sure what brands you can get there, but there are some fantastic yarns about... I love Debbie Bliss, Rowan etc but I'm sure that there will be some gorgeous NZ brands as well...

Wish I could be there with you - fancy a shopping trip well for yarn anyway..

Having had my third shake for the day I am hoping I am almost out of the dangertime. Mind you I think my husband my open a bottle of wine so, so will need to be careful! Oddly enough I am feeling really positive and in control. Though am a little worried as I had had no symptons of feeling tired and weak or headaches even. So day 4 almost complete. By the way knitting sounds great I haven't done that for years!
Madferret, I am in NZ currently, but I am from the UK. South Wales, to be precise. I am going to be returning to the UK next year for a currently indefinate amount of time. But I don't want to!! I want to stay here!! x

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