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Darn food smells sent to test us all.

grrrrrrrrrrrrr toast!......toast...ooooooooooooo how hard that was to not eat...I have now told my 5 year old he is having no more toast till chirstmas....that was sooooooooo hard to resist....but resist i did! whoooooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooooo!!!.
what gets you chomping at the bit?
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food is not my friend!
Chinese food, and anything that smells onion-y! I love onions and just the smell of them makes my mouth water, I will be having onions in every meal on my refeed =P xx
Nothing in particular - just the smell of food in general although I do remember in the first week standing at the grill and smelling fish fingers cooking - ooh it was lovely.
Pizza. Pasta with mascapone sauce. Chilli. Meatballs.crisps. Tuna erm I'm gonna say most foods really!!!x
Chips! And the italian restaurant across from my office

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Every night I make my son's sandwiches for school - the bread... So so tempting. And if I put cheese on... ARGH!

I should use peanut butter more often as I hate that!

My bf made yorkshire puds for himself yesterday... Wow they looked/smelled amazing.

(I won't let him get indian takeaway when I'm about when I am doing this diet - that's too far.)


determined to be slim
The smell of a good Sunday roast cooking gets me hating this diet LOL
I'm obsessed with smell...

I have to smell any food... Getting it right up close and personal lol

Makes me feel better lol strange I know !!


determined to be slim
I do the same with everything my nose is nearly touching the food, my husband says I shouldn't torture myself but its as good as actually eating the food to me
I walk past four takeaways on my way to university - I actually enjoy smelling the food, it feels like I'm having the food without paying for it!


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Had to make a pitstop at Asda to use the loo today (4 litres of water a day means planned breaks) and had to walk past the cafe. All I could smell were roast potatoes. I nearly ran over and scoffed the lot. I resisted though :) Can't wait until I have my next roastie (allbeit skinnier)!


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bacon for me! and hot buttered toast
I too like to smell food! And reas cook books and make meal plans for when i'm eating again! My other half thinks i'm odd and gets anoyed at me for sniffing his tea! :rolleyes:

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