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Darn Photos!

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Just when you think you are doing well with the weightloss, and you are pleased to be wearing your old trousers, why does someone post a photo of you on facebook that makes you look like a hugh mountain!!
I thought I looked quiet slim when I went to a party on Saturday, but the photo, that a quite vicious guest put on, tells me otherwise :(
Darn facebook
Darn digital cameraS!
Darn 30lbs!!!!!!!!
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Someone did exactly the same to me yesterday :( went to a christening with people I haven't seen since Xmas so they mentioned I'd lost weight etc but the photos made me feel like I was back at square one! On the positive in not on Facebook so I don't have to look at em lol
Sending big hugs x


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Don't forget you can "untag" yourself so they don't appear on your profile. I hate pics of me appearing on the newsfeed and untag as fast as I can lol xx


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How awful! I'd definitely untag them lol. And maybe fish out an older photo of yourself before you lost the weight to remind you of how far you've come.


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Sending lots of hugs.
Someone sent me a photo of me doing the race for life and all the fat on my body looks like it is going up towards my face if that makes sense as i am running.


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big hugs.

I have 2 photos of me being huge at home, one on fridge the other is one of me and Martin (OH) which I have framed in the living room.

Both are when I am massive!

I thought I was slim when I had my new avitar photo taken, then realised still had fat legs, stomach and arms - oh well they're getting smaller!

They are all a good inspiration as to why I am slimming down. Don't worry about photos that have been posted, just think of what you are going to look like when you hit your target weight.

It will all be worth it, keep going, keep your chin up.


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I know this feeling - yesterday i got an email saying 'Mrs X has tagged you in 13 photos' on Facebook. I was out for a day with the in laws and in the land of NO 3G/Service ever. I spent all day stressing over them - and esp as they were nights out photos where i look ENORMOUS :( i went out back in April in a red dress - i thought i looked 'ok' but apparently not.

got home to my lovely WIFI and DETAG-gate occured!

Terrible, terrible - sending you a lovely hug of empathy.



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I had to endure a terrible pic of me for months on facebook until I realised I could detag! I was at a wedding, my face is shiny and I'm smiling widely which is creating a double chin :( Even worse, I was sitting down so my dress had ridden up slightly over my knees, revealing the start of my huge fat thighs. Was a most depressing sight.

I think the photo that really kickstarted me to diet seriously this time was taken a few months ago. I was having a drink with friends and my mate insisted on taking a picture of me on her phone. I spent ages arranging myself sitting sideways so I would look slimmer. When I saw the picture later I was shocked - despite my 'slimming' pose, I looked huge, showing that I had reached a point where no amount of clever posing could hide my excess weight


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S: 16st4.0lb C: 16st4.0lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I don't have photos taken of me when I'm out, not just yet.

Shop windows do it for me. I always seem to look so much bigger in them than in the mirror at home. Can only think they are made of "lets add 10lb on" glass.

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