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Date ideas!


Mini crazy cat lady
Right.....Friday is my 5th date with an internet dude! Problem is....the mean git has said I have to decide what to do, and I am the most indecisive person going!

So....I'm looking for suggestions!

Done the cinema, meal, drinks etc, but I'm now stumped. We live in different towns, about 20 minute drive, but he doesn't drive. All I can come up with so far is staying in (as we have loads of snow at the min), watch some DVDs or play some cheesy board games! I would suggest going for a walk, but no idea what the weather will be like yet. Plus, money is always tight before Christmas, and I have no idea on his finances, so don't want to suggest something, and he be too embarrassed to say he couldn't afford, or to make him skint in the process - if that makes sense!

Bowling isn't an option really, as it's kinda dull for just two people I think.....
Ice skating is possible, but it's about £9 for 45 minutes, which is stupid if you ask me!
Drinks isn't really viable, as I need to be able to get home at some point!
Shopping is rather intense at this time of year, and I wouldn't put ANYONE through that!

......'elp! :argh:
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Stay in and watch a DVD as long as you feel comfortable. That kinda situation always means snogs though so be prepared! :) good luck with it hun.
Put all suggestions (including your own) that has been said here in an email to him and reverse the question back to him :) He needs to man up and make a decision lol :D
snowball fights then a dvd with hot choc :)


Mini crazy cat lady
Sadly, he is bigger than me, and I'm a sore loser, so snowball fight would end in tears, and they wouldn't be mine :D

I tried the reverse thing already, *apparently* it is my turn to decide.....git.

The meal thing is a nice idea, but it's gonna be during the day :(
I reckon he's hoping you'll suggest staying in because he's too much of a gent to suggest it himself!!

Whit whoooooo!!!! Lol.

(Tinytootz and Internet Dude up the tree,
K I S S I N G,
Rpt., etc. etc.)
Indoor picnic....with some twister perhaps?? ;) ;)
good luck with your date hun! I'm in the same boat recently started dating a guy and like you done the usual cinema, meals etsc its sooo hard trying to do something that doesnt revolve around food i find! Other thing we did was a swim and a sauna at the local pool, it was a luagh just a swim and splash about then heat things up with a steamy sauna! At first i was a bit self concious about baring all in my swimming costume and then getting a ll sweaty but was a laugh :)

Anyway enjoy your cozy night in also a great idea especially at this time of year. xx
Yeah - Wii Sports or Dance would be a giggle, then something to eat (suitably low syn of course).

Have fun whatever you decide xx


Mini crazy cat lady
Good ideas, liking the opportunity to whip him on the Xbox!

And sadly, I do have to go home, I already made plans with friends, and it's a slippery road if I start ditching them in the early days :) Plus I have work at 8 in the morning :(

I'm thinking Xbox, Buckaroo and DVDs! That's if I can actually get out, darn snow :D


Mini crazy cat lady
Xbox - done (I lost biiiiiig style), DVD - done, seeing the Christmas lights - done, discovering what his achilles heel is - done :D, meeting some of his family (eeep!) - done, snow ball fight (which I won) - done, being kept warm - done :eek:

Roll on number 6..........:)

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