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date update


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Hi lovely Lipotrimmers!!!

I thought i would keep ya posted about mi date!!

He picked me up at 7pm and we went to a nice country quiet pub for a drink (of water!!). He was really sweet and totally understood about my diet.

He said that when i get down to my target and eating food again, then he would take me for a nice meal. I thought ahh! so he wants to see me again.

He dropped me off at outside ma house, and said thanks etc,,, but then i dint know if to kiss him, so i did and just gave him a peck on the cheek!!

I text him a bit later, and he text back said he would love to see me! and have made a second date for sunday!
Do you have any suggestions where/ what?
Piccys? Bowling?

This diet is quite un sociable, but im not coming off until im done.
He seems really keen from his texts, he said that im lovely, easy to talk to and very pretty, and he wanted to give me a big kiss most of the night!
I know ya probably thinking where is the sick bucket!, but he seems a decent guy, its about time i had someone decent after all of the Pigs i have met! xx
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Says it as it is!!!
aww hun, he sounds fab!!!!!!!!
You could go for a long walk in the coutryside, to the zoo, paintballing, ice skating (then he could catch you when you fall hehe)
I like slushy stories ..like you say makes a change from all the pigs out there .... xx
Awwwwwwwwwwww... thats such a lovely post! Im really glad that it went well for you!

Imagine - first time you are probably glad u didnt get some tongue action! eh!

Nic has came up with load of suggestions.... im sure u will have a fun time doing something, think about LT you have to think of doing things that dont evolve around food and drink.. so in a way - it has to be something more fun!

Enjoy every minute - and if he thinks ur pretty now ------- well, whats he going to think when u get to goaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllll!!! xox :)



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Awww, Thanks Nic, and Julzie, i will have a mull over it until sunday. He has text me about an hour ago and asked if i had a good day, and that he has been tired today. I just text back had a good day thanks am tired too, am looking forward to sunday, he has text bak but not said anything about looking forward to it (Sunday or anything). What shal i do? Just play it cool and now wait for him to mention it again?
Ohhhh the dating game....

Jeezeeeeee.... i cannot offer you ANY advice. I am 32 yr old single white female.

All this texting malarky, back in the day when there was no text messages - dating was so much more simplier!!!!! I hate texts - head wreck material if u ask me! You never know what to say, how to say it, what they mean, OMG.... stressed just thinking about it! lol

Do what you think is right... at the end of the day, i think if it is meant to be it will be.

Stay cool and good luck


Says it as it is!!!
Play it cool hun....thats the advice i took and i got my man a few weeks ago xxx Hes male ...they just dont think to say those kinda things xx dont txt him now until he txt's you and then make sure you leave it a good while before you txt him ...Hark at me giving man advice lol xxx

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