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Dawn French



Feeling great in 2012!
Well I'm not in a size 16 yet and am around 14.5 stone (I'm in an 18). So she must be 14 stone or less depending on her height? Guess I'd put her weight loss at about 5 stone if she started at 19 stone.

Wonder how she lost it? Gastric band?
I think she has just been eating less from what i read in the past , shes also going through a divorce of course so could be stress too , or at least that may have started it

I know when i split from my ex i lost weight without even trying but then I wasnt eating due to stress
It does say on the article she had lost 'at least four stone' and 'continued' to lose so I'm guessing you guys are right more like 7 stone, what an amazing transformation. I loved her spirit even as a larger lady but it's great to see her looking so well for her health and for her child. Go dawn!


Feeling great in 2012!
Yeah, she looks great, as does Pauline Quirk.
Dawn French looks stunning! I'm very inspired by her. Pauline Quirk has done amazingly well too but think she's starting to look a bit old and hagard, maybe gone a bit too far x


Feeling great in 2012!
I guess Pauline can easily afford a face lift though if she wants one as it's really only her face that looks older. I'm sure she will have seen the old and haggard comments that have been in the press. I think that carrying a bit of weight around the face always makes older people look younger than they are. A friend did LL once and dropped to 8.5 stone at nearly 50 and her body was fantastic but her face was wrinkled and looked older. I'm not sure what the answer is really other than a bit of surgery to smooth the face out again.
Oh dont ever read the comments at the bottom suze they are always vile arent they , I dread to think what people would say about me if I was in the public eye

As for comments about someone looking haggard and old becasue they have lost weight I think its an awful thing to say , we all know how hard it is to lose weight and Pauline has obviously done it to be healthier and hopefully enjoy a longer life , I think its inevitable sometimes when we lose weight that our face will look older but I would never say it about someone , im shocked to see such comments on this forum actually


Feeling great in 2012!
Actually Phoenix I think that the end result of losing weight has to be a consideration when deciding how much to lose. When you're younger you can be a skinny mini and look really young and fresh. When you're older I don't think it pays to get too thin as I don't believe that older people can carry it off as well. I'm only aiming for 11.5 stone and I don't believe that my face will be too thin at that weight, and although I'll look and feel far healthier, I don't want to look as if I've aged a lot through losing weight either. I won't be thin at that weight and in fact I'll still be in the overweight BMI category, but I do think it's the right weight for me to aim for, for me.

And I'm all for cosmetic surgery if people want to resort to that too if it makes them feel better about themselves. I would love a boob job to shrink from my F cup. I'd love to be a C or a D and be able to buy 'normal' bras, but if past experience is anything to go by my boobs will still be an F cup when I get to goal so the only way I will achieve that is potentially through surgery. I must say I'm tempted.

Having read the Dawn French article I also saw this which was far more disturbing to me. Poor kid! Not exactly being set up for healthy eating is she!

Anorexic mother Rebecca Jones weighs less than daughter Maisy, 7 | Mail Online
Im sure its a consideration for alot of people , it is me too , Ive always been told i dont look my age and im concerned that whe i lose the weight i will look my age , its a bridge i will cross when i come to it

Pauline has to decide what weight she wants to be , its her choice and nobody elses business really , im sure she looks in the mirror and is well aware of the effect her weight loss has had on her face and probably her body too but its her choice and i dont think people commenting on how old and haggard she looks now is very supportive

wasnt getting at anyone in particular ,just my opinion on it


Feeling great in 2012!
I certainly don't feel my age but then again do we ever? :)

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