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Dawnie's Atkins diary

Well, day 1 today.

Yoyo dieter for most of my adult life - was very slim til I got to about 29 and then got married for the first time and started to pile it on, and have yo-yo'd since then. Have littlelegs so hate being a short fat stumpy!!

Current weight this morning =198lbs. My goal is 140lbs, but if I have to stop earlier becuase I think it makes me look too hagard then I will!! :D

I haven't read the book but have read Jim's introduction to Atkins and have jotted down loads of info! Have read through the diaries but find it so time consuming because of all the lively chatter!! :D So I will have lots of questions - thank you to those who have answered so far and made me feel very welcome to this board!!

Anyhow, Day 1
Breakfast - bacon and mushrooms fried in butter

Lunch - tuna in mayonnaise with 2 boiled eggs

Tea - nothing, not really in the mood for anything. Had 50g cheddar cheese earlier but altho I am hungry I just can't be bothered!! Lazy cow!

Will try harder tomorrow

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Hello and welcome. I only joined a week ago and everyone is very friendly. I'm not actually starting Atkins until next Saturday I want to get it right so lots of research first. Good luck in your journey xx
Hello Dawnie :)

Hope this diet works for you... it really does as long as you stick to rules in the book... most of them seem counter-intuitive lol

Have a good weekend! :)
Thanks all!! :)

Starting afresh today - had a total monster of a day yesterday, so put behind me and away we go!

Will put the carb value wherever I can so I hopefully stay on track (May have to amend later and have a search!!)

Breakfast - 145g salmon flakes with chilli (4.4g) with 2 boiled eggs mushed up in mayo

Lunch - pork belly slices x 2 fried with mushrooms (2g)in butter

Tea - ribeye steak with broccoli (7.18g) and spinach (3.75g) (bloody awful combination!! Hope it tastes better than it sounds!)

Snacks - 50g cheese (0.64g), SF jelly with a squirt of squirty cream, 1 black coffee, lots of water and 1 glass coke zero.

Total carbs (I think!!! :) ) = 17.97g
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Good luck on your journey Dawnie :)
Thank you all! :)

I would just like to say how hungry I was yesterday and overnight, I could have eaten my own arm!!

Todays planned meals:

Breakfast - bacon and egg (0.4g)

Lunch and Tea - both at work so having one huge chicken, rocket (2.5g)and cucumber salad (3.38g), with 2 boiled eggs (1.2g) and Real Mayo (1.2g) spread out over the 2 meals!

Snacks - potted shrimps and jelly and squirty cream when I get home. 1 coffee with cream, 1 coke zero and 1.5l water.

Total 8.68g negligible others.

Will amend later if I change anything!

Have a good day all

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Morning Dawnie... Hope the hunger settles... I find I'm less hungry if I drink loads of water... Hope you have a good day :)
I think you need some more veggies in there by what I've learnt over the last week - correct me if I'm wrong ladies xxx
I think so too but then I looked at 100g cooked mushrooms and that is 5.6g carbs which I thought I would be upto 20g in no time!! :eek: Sudden thought as I write this tho - are they lighter cooked or uncooked??

I will try. Loved the spinach last night, lovely!! I think it is fruit I miss - not a huge fruit eater, very picky, but I did like grapefruit each morning, and melon to nibble on! Never mind, will soon get used to it! Have instructed Hubbie to get me a squid tomorrow and I will have that fried in butter and garlic for my tea with more spinach and mushrooms - can't wait!!

Thanks for your comments all!
Hope you enjoy the squid :)


This is for life
Hi dawnie, found your diary:). Sounds like it's going great!

I too missed fruit in induction (you can add back in owl) but now appreciate the berries and things i have much more than when i was snacking on it all the time. Keep going:)
Morning Dawnie, I think I posted a list of the allowed veggies on the Starting Atkins thread.
Morning all :wavey:

Didn't post yesterday but this is what I had!

B - bacon and 1 egg

L - rocket and cucumber with chicken breast and boiled egg and Real Mayo

T- squid fried in garlic and butter.........delish!! SF jelly with squirty cream

Snacks - chicken pieces, 3 x babybel, 2 x coffee with cream, lots of water! Couple glasses white wine while I caught up with an old friend as I am off tomorrow.

Today I am off but OH is taking me for a meal tonight - I have a couple of OK starter choices and then may have the mixed grill or a steak with green salad, so thats all OK, but what for dessert!??!??!?? :confused: Any suggestions peeps?

Breakfast today will be honey roast salmon with scrambled eggs

Lunch will be sugar free jelly with squirty cream and if I am hungry thru the day I will nibble on chicken pieces that I have cooked and in the fridge!

Well it has rained so heavily here that twice I have got up convinced water had burst through the ceiling in the kitchen!! Could do with a couple of dry hours to get the pooch walked! Lots to do today so have a good day everyone!

Hope you have a lovely day Dawnie... I can't help with dessert choices as I don't have puds when I'm out anymore... If you really need one I'd suggest bringing a sf jelly with you and getting the restaurant to provide the cream... I'm sure others will have better ideas... :)
Morning Dawnie, that's easy, no desert, go for the cheese board if they have one. ;)
But I like my cheese on biscuits with butter Jim!! :D

Decision made - no desert, then home and SF jelly and squirty, will suffice nicely!!

Its raining again- I took the pooch in the car and it was torrential, did the messages I had to do then took her to the park, so that if we got soaked we were just going straight home so it didn't matter......the rain stopped as we parked up and started as we left!! Little sunbeam! :D


This is for life
Hi dawnie, hope you had a great evening:)
My trick is to hopefully have enough starter and main course that im not interested - then i always have an atkins brownie bar in my bag ....chopped up on a plate with cream - delish:D


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