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DAXIMAC solutions for losing 5 stone


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Thought that would grab your attention....however there isn't a solution except to STICK TO THE DIET...we both have 5 stone to lose so here's to group support and making it very public.

and more importantly I have found an organisation (having googled it) that is called DAXIMAC (as in Dax and Imac want to lose weight) who offer

"Embedded Measurement and Control "

Not sure what embedded means but i’m understanding it to translate as “fixed” - so all you SS there -fixed measurements and control = 3 to 4 packs per day plus shed loads of water - there we have it now all I have to do is stick to it...so far , one black coffee, one porridge and 1 litre of water.....
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Go, girl. We all know it... just need reminding sometimes! 'Emdedded' sounds quite scary, like a new form of weight loss surgery or mind control... spooky!!!
lol lol lol - loving this thread so far!!!

Hi Julie

1 ltr of water and one vanilla shake so far. Have also tidied house, cleaned bathroom and am about to do a vat return, ooohhh the excitement I hear you gasp! You can always tell when I'm on diet as I actually manage to get things done...
When's your weigh in day by the way - mine is a week today. And are you SS three a day? I'm SS 4 a day as I can't stick to 3, oops - but then again if it works I'm happy with it. Roll on two weeks when I can start having bars again.


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I'm getting weighed on a Monday this week - it varies according to my work rota. I'm SS 3 packs a day but on the days I exercise/ and or work nights I have the choc bars as an extra - at least that was pattern before Xmas took over.
I'm needing to be a saint this week as I'm planning to eat out on Sunday as its my son's 21st so we're having a family dinner (plus partners) so I have an incentive to be a saint as I'm desperate to lose this week to get back to the point i was at the beginning of December !!
I've had upteen cups of coffee plus a shake...not much more water though since earlier.
So how'd your day go then Julie? I managed to be good apart from a bit of grilled chicken I had when I was doing the kids tea - but to be honest that's amazing considering what I've been eating the last few weeks. So... got through day 1, onto day 2!

Where are you going for the meal out? Will you be able to be good or have a planned blip and get back on track straight after?

Just think - we should be slinky mins by the summer!!!!!!!!!!!!


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We're going to an Indian buffet type for the meal out (there will be 10 of us incl partners) so I can choose to eat sensibly or to pig out. I'm planning to choose the former.....:sigh:

Apart from a spoon in the peanut butter jar i have been a hero today !!!

Like you its a miracle compared to the previous 4 weeks. Are you starting from scratch or have you been doing CD previously.

with love n good luck today (now friday)
I did CD in 2007 and lost nearly 7 stone. Came off it to go on holiday in October that year, then it was Christmas, then last year I just kept playing about with it and just kept on putting on weight with every restart I did!!! Ended up puting on 5 stone. How sad and pathetic is that. Anyway, the two stone is from when I was my heaviest at the start in 2007 and I have decided to keep them on my ticker to remind myself that I can and have done it and that I will do it again. However, this time I will be finishing the diet, doing maintenance properly and then KEEPING IT OFF! As much as I love this diet, once I've lost the weight I never, ever want to do it again!

Day 2 today, hopefully Big K will arrive over the weekend... weigh in is next Thursday and I'm really hoping for a good one being the first week and all.
My turn now, just been looking at your ticker - did you lose that weight last year, ie before Xmas? You've lost LOADS! Well done!

Your photos look fantastic - you can really see the difference around your face.

And is Sir Bob a personal friend or just someone you know casually, lol lol!
Wahey - I'm in the land of Big K!!!! I felt so crappy yesterday and was in a foul mood plus a headache and was hoping it would happen this weekend and it's here - not bad as I'm only on day 3!!!!

How are you getting on???
I'm certainly not in the big K and have a grump and full tummy to prove it .
Sir Bob was the main speaker at a fundraising dinner organised by the charity I work for. It was really the official pics that made me take stock but I actually didn't start until July 08 so between July and dec lost around 5 stone and then started piddling about - which is where I'm up to now.
We went out Friday evening (Italian), Sat daytime party with loads of nibbles and then yesterday evening - Indian buffet and of course birthday cake and champagne all of which I ate adn enjoyed. So today I'm almost a saint - almost as I've only drank coffee cos I feel very "quiet" and morning afterish - my son and girlfriend have gone to Liverpool (they're both a uni there) and my daughter and b/f are sitting with rest of family eating lunch and I'm here feeling bloated and resentful. Hopefully by tonight everyone will have returned back home so then normality will reign.

I am so so worried about re-gaining weight. I've got rid of all my huge clothes and I'm now squeezing into size 18s (but they are all tight to allow me to grow smaller into them).
so tomorrow is weigh in...will report back after that ! Have a good day
with love xx
Hi Julie

How you getting on? Did you have you weighin and are you still being a saint?? Well done if so.

Sorry to have to admit everything has gone a little hey wire in life in the last few days, hence I'venot been around. Even sorrier to say the diet's not been going to well which I'm really really cross with myself about. Getting weighed tomorrow and to be honest I'm hoping that even if I've only lost a 1lb that would be good! But not good at all considering I've only just restarted and should be doing well. ARGHHH - so so mad that I've lost my willpower.

Hope you're doing better!
Hiya thought i would stick my nose in!

How are you both getting on! I want to loose about 5-6 stone and am trying to get back into cambridge. Find it soo difficult but then i find weight watchers difficult. I joined the gym last tuesday and am trying to do 45 minutes per day (which i have managed up to now)! Did CD for the first couple of days but felt like i needed something when i came out of the gym so thought i would do weight watchers, needless to say am picking more than i should!

So what should I do! Am thinking that now i am into the gym (been for 8 days in a row now) should i give Sole source another go, was having 4 shakes a day cos i needed the extra one after the gym on a night, or maybe sole source plus is it where you have a small protein meal on a night after the gym. Would love someone just to tell me what to do!

Speak later x x
Hi Headdown, good to hear from you.

I know exactly where you're coming from! WW for me is my aim for maintenance when I've lost my weight - sadly I need something stricter to actually achieve weight loss!! Have you done CD SS before then and if so for how long or how much did you lose? Once your established on it to be honest it gets to be a way of life. My problem at the moment is going to be getting back on it! I've a weighin tomorrow which is going to be a bit embarrasing as I don't think I've lost anything in two weeks due to messing about with food etc, same old same old... However, the sun was out today and it almost felt springlike (Except it was freezing lol lol!) and it really hit me that if I don't kick myself and get myself sorted I'm going to have ANOTHER fat summer and I really really really don't want that, so I'm going to get motivated and get back onto SS.

Having 4 a day is fine I think. I actually have four a day as I find 3 really hard to stick to and also lead a very active life. I don't actually do add a meal week or SS+ but often have a small meal at weekends etc if we're with people or just because I need to! So I use these as my "food" times instead. Personally,when I stick to it!, I find my weight loss is just the same as sticking to it rigidly.

Hope that helps. Feel free to join us on here if you want to - it's always good to have some company!

Take care and good luck.

Just to say that I got weighed today after what can only be described as a very dodgey restart and I've lost 5lbs! So I'm very happy indeed.

How are you getting on?
Wow wow and triple wow

I got weighed earlier today and have lost 2 pounds ....so now I'm back and on track - at least since Monday so its day 4 and all is well.

Headdown I started to work out in September by deciding to get a personal trainer instead of joining a gym so I now run..I had a break over Xmas but have bought a cross trainer and am using that on a daily basis so hopefully the benifts will come
Big hugs n keep n touch
with love xxx
hi Julie

Well done that's a great start. Have you got much doing this weekend? I've got a family meal on Sunday which could proove a bit tricky, think it's roast lamb, oh dear! Got to try and stay focussed though!

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