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Day 1 & a question about water already!

Hi guys,
Have been lurking on this site for a couple of weeks now and it's fantastic, has really encouraged me that this diet WILL work! So day 1 is today!
I haven't really found out much about how much water is too much and I have had 3 litres already and will probably easily have another litre this evening.
I'm worried that, that is too much - please can anyone confirm?
Thanks :)
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Welcome to the forum and LL, yes we are a supportive community, ask away any questions you have, you dont know what to ask at the beginning, but its so worth it.
Water, no real hard and fast amount, I do 3-5 litres most days, steadily all day, so like the water wheel, it helps with weight loss, detox and initial hunger that you get for the first few days.
You will get to know your bathroom well!! I try and stop by abour 8pm or I'm up too often in the night, but it settles after a few days.
Distraction is the key, so long baths, read a book, go for a walk etc it all helps, along with a vision if where you want to be, but don't set a fixed target yet.
My goal wad to get inti the top on my avatar, I bought it at 4 weeks in, its a 10 so hoped it would fit when I finish, well its fitted for a couple of months now and is a little big! I thought a 10 was a dream!!!
Enjoy, post often as that keeps motivation going too
Thanks Julz, that's good to know :)
Wow you have done so amazingly well, it's so motivational reading just people's signatures on it!
I can not imagine in a million years being a size 10. I have managed to get to a big 14 before but size 10 - wow!
I think I'm going to stop drinking the water by 8 like you - seems like a good plan!


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I do the same as Julz and drink around 4 - 5 litres a day. I think drinking is a huge part of the weight loss but be careful to take it steady and not drink large amounts at one go. And as Julz says the toilet becomes an important part of your day!! :)
Good luck.xx


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Hi, welcome and good luck! This will be the most exciting journey you will embark on so enjoy it. It will ne full of revelations and what I call 'aha' moments where the lightbulb kicks in for you.

Water has been key to my success I drink between 3 and 4 a day plus what's in my packs. Little and often is the key. I space packs every 4 hours and drink a litre in between them. Toilet breaks are plentiful, so bare that in mind if you are going on ling journeys etc.

Set a goal and visualise yourself at it, I like many others bought an item of clothing to aim for, mine was a size 12 jeans. Well I have been in them for a couple months now and also have a selection of size 10 dresses which I feel amazing in.

My one piece if advice would be do not come off plan, getting back on takes weeks thats if you can do it at all! Your mind will play tricks on you craving foods and making you believe you are hungry, let's face it many if us could go without food for days so always keep yourself distracted!

Good luck again I look forward to hearing how you do xx
I agree with above - as much water as it is comfortable to drink, but as said before you MUST spread it out. I tend to have about 3 litres - 4 would be better, but don't try to down it all at once that would be dangerous.
Lovely, thanks ever so much girls! Yoive all done so well, you must be sonproud of yourselves. I can easily drink about a litre within about an hour anyway, but then I always have, it's just been diet coke or other diet drinks. But I think that's the most I would drink in an hour so feeling happier about it and that you guys do too!
I know I've only done 1 day but after the million other diets I've embarked on I can't believe I actually survived on 4 packs yesterday and it was actually alright lol!


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Well done for getting through day 1!! We each have ourcways and preferences as ypu go along your taste buds might chage too, there are oacks now rhat I don't like which I did at the beginning.
You will lose a stone a month and a dress suze on average every month, so by Christmas imagine being 4 stone lighter! I have gone diwn more than a suze a minth, slow at first but then bang! So if you are needing clothes, go to the sales, Im off in holiday Friday and have been buying clothes forvthe last xouple if months in the size I thought I would be, then exchanging at the ebd if the 28 days for smaller ones, I had to buy ckothes as I had nithing to wear! Literally!
As kadyT said, goals help as you have a focus un the moments your brain takes over and chatterbox in your head says, one bit of food won't hurt? I luckily have stayed 100% till yesterday when I switched to light for my hols, so far so good.
Keep posting
Hello, Jemima, and welcome! :) Everything the others said is true. Visualisation really helps, definitely! I started LL almost a year ago. By Christmas last year I had lost four stone and felt amazing. (I still do!! I'm losing some holiday weight at the moment but for the whole of 2011 have been size 10/12. Last year I was a 22!) Just remember over the next few days, getting into ketosis, that LL is very much mind over matter. You will be taking care of your physical needs with packs and water. Any other 'hunger' is emotional. It's quite a journey!!

Good luck!
Julz & spangly that makes me so excited :D you have done sooooooo well, it's so motivating!
Have just finished making a shepherds pie for my 2 little boys and honestly I am not tempted at all, i think ketosis must have kicked in because I have found today so much easier!

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