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day 1 and eurgh!

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Well it's day 1 for me. I've had the porridge and vanilla milkshake so far and have really liked both (luckily!)
But now I'm getting hunger pangs...I'm trying to keep busy and I'm drinking loads of water but they won't go and it's too soon for me to have another pack.
I also have a headache...but I've taken paracetamol and it's starting to subside.
I also have a really dry mouth/throat even though I'm constantly drinking...is this normal?
How can I get rid of my hunger?
Have any of you got/had similar experiences?
Thanks guys...some support would be great right now. The people at work were really supportive before I started but as soon as I had my first pack today they've been cooking food so I can smell it...eating stuff in front of me and even asking me if I want any of what they're having, knowing full well that I can't. It's really getting to me and feel like I'm doomed to fail if they keep doing this. :cry:
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Bambam congratulations on starting and well done for not caving to your unsupportive work colleagues....thats so unfair but some people do it without thinking and if you stay strong they will begin to realise you aren't going to cave in and eat whatever they are offering! Plus, people really have no conception of how difficult it is not to eat conventional food unless they have been there themselves! (or thats what i have found)

With regard to the headache/dry mouth etc, i have to say i felt AWFUL the first week - but honestly, just power through it because once you are in ketosis it will start to get so much better! Take paracetamol, drink LOADS and take plenty of baths and early nights to help you get through it! Make sure you treat yourself to lots of things you like...i ordered a couple of DVD's i wanted to watch for my first week and that helped - just having something to do to keep my mind off the food!

I felt hungry for most of the first couple of weeks, mainly emotional hunger but the first week there was so true hunger at times - i think it's the carb and caffeine withdrawal and your body screaming at you because it doesn't understand why suddenly it's not getting what it used to get. Drink plenty of water and it WILL get better!

How much water are you drinking? i found i was easily drinking 3.5-4ltrs a day in the first week - and on most days still reach 3.5ltrs minimum! I found the first week if i didn't drink LOADS i felt worse, a few days i felt so sick i didn't want to even drink water but found that drinking actually made me feel better!

Keep going, you can do it and everyone here is so supportive! Take it one day at a time and i promise you soon you will appreciate the smells of food cooking and sit there thinking - it smells nice but i'm not hungry so i don't need it! and when you see the weight fall off of you it will motivate you even more!

Good luck and Keep going! x
S: 12st0.5lb C: 11st12lb G: 9st5lb BMI: 25.2 Loss: 0st2.5lb(1.48%)
Hey Kim,

Thanks for that...you've just given me a little more hope :)
It's nice to know these symptoms are "normal" so to speak and that they will pass. I have another question actually...did you experience mood swings at all? Because at the moment I'm feeling really grouchy and I just snapped at one of my colleagues which I never do because he's like a big brother to me. I feel so bad!
I'm on my 3rd bottle of water at the moment...so 2.25litres.


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Hey you :)
And thanks for joining my FB!
I honestly can give you one advice. Get through week one.
I know it's hard and painful but I promise you this time next week you will feel 100 times better! :)
Yes, drinking enough helps and you can help yourself even more by getting one of the water flavourings and the savoury broth. They make all the difference!
Next week you'll be able to have bars too which are yummy!
Good luck and keep updating us on your progress!
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Hey Mags.
Hope you're well. I will admit I am feeling a little better this morning. I've just had my first shake so am not hungry...I just feel very tired and weak. It's strange though, I feel like a need to go back to bed but actually had no trouble getting up this morning...maybe I'm going into ketosis already? When do you know you're going into it? Is it just when you suddenly have more energy?


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Bambam - how are you feeling today?

It is totally normal - this diet is a shock to the body but as Magic says - this time next week you'll feel 100 times better than you do right now! So just power through and stay strong!

With regards to mood swings - i have to say (my family might disagree) but i don't think i suffered too badly with mood swings. It was more in the evenings i got tearful more than anything. The mood swings are probably linked to carb/caffeine withdrawal!

Hope you are coping OK :)


is Magdalicious
S: 17st6lb C: 14st1lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 29.1 Loss: 3st5lb(19.26%)
Amber you'll know when you're in ketosis trust me!
First of all. The headaches will stop and second of all your breath will resemble dog's bum (lol)

It's horrible but it does settle.
First few days do feel like you have the flu indeed but that's just your body getting rid of glycogen so it can get into ketosis.
Hope you feel better soon xx
S: 12st0.5lb C: 11st12lb G: 9st5lb BMI: 25.2 Loss: 0st2.5lb(1.48%)
Well I don't have that horrible headache today (thank god! I was getting suicidal because I couldn't sleep with it last night) and my breath is pretty bad haha! The BF had no shame in telling me last night :p
So hopefully I'm well on my way! Hope everyone has a good day :)


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Bambam, how you getting on? weve started roughly around the same time so would be good to see how your finding it.
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B rtlp

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