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Day 1 and the headache is HARSH!!! help!


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Hi everyone!
Well Im 6 hours into Day One!
I had a Leek and Potato soup initially which was foul! haha... now Im tucking on a Chocolate Tetra which is copeable...

But Im in agony with a severe headache!.. the worst ever.. my eyes feel like they are going to pop out!....

I think this is normal.. anyone have headaches for the first day or so?...
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I had headaches on day two, but realised this was probably due to lack of caffiene. I normally drink tea with milk, and couldn't bear the thought of it without milk so went without. I have since been having black coffee with sweetner and the headaches have gone.


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it could be you having withdrawal symptoms, did you used to have a lot of carbs? or coffee, alcohol etc? because i never really had many of those and im on day 5 and havnt had a headache at all, just rememeber to drink loads of water! hope you feel better soon hun xxx


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water water water and a pain killer if needed?? It will pass hun like Jackie said if your used to loads of carbs its just your body getting used to having none xxxxxx
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I had the most banging head on day two, took some paracetomol and went to bed as I didn't know what to do with myself. Hang on in there, it passed pretty quickly.



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Hang on as its a bumpy ride! After a few days you will feel fab and pleased with yourself that you made it through!

Good luck!


Leah K

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My headaches were worse on day 2, and a little on day 3 but took some Nurofen and they cleared with huge amounts of water also!

Carry on drinking loads, as it will help to flush things through too.

Best of luck, know you can do it! x


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thanks everyone!.. I suffer from migaine and headaches anyway you see.. but I feel it pounded so much today and my mouth is all weird..

just had a strawberry shake which I didnt like... wow.. I hope there are some flavours I like!... haha
have you cut down on caffeine, I find that when there are changes in the levels of caffeine in my daily routine I get serious headaches
This is my second time on CD. The first time I gave up due to migranes especially initially and from then on daily headaches. This time I reduced my carbs for about a week before, booked a few days off work just in case I wasn't well initially and took paracetamol every six hours or so until I went into ketosis. This time much better experience, I did have a migrane but caught it early as was expecting it and have upped my water intake to approx 6 litres a day. I still wake up with a pounding head but a couple of solpadine sorts it out if it doesn't go after my first shake and a couple of litres of water. Take it easy in your first few days and it will get better. Finding the diet really easy at the moment but still only in my second week so long way to go yet so I won't speak too soon. I am spending an unnaturally large amount of time reading cookery books and watching cookery programmes. lol!

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