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Day 1- anyone with me??

Hey Kaf im def with you im on day three today
Good luck Cookie, looks like we are all in it together again, im on day five again but doing really well, suprised myself thought I wouldnt last two days but so far so good,

Good luck to you all on your journey


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Good luck!! im currently avoiding all fridges!! lol


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hi all... met my CDC today start tomorrow! is my first time. good luck to us all, especially getting through these early days! x
Good luck jlm, im on day six today.
I am on day one too.Did it before but only lasted a week.So could do with the support and maybe help support others.
I am on day one too.Did it before but only lasted a week.So could do with the support and maybe help support others.
Good luck with your journey, im on day six today on my restart, just post away and people are great here and will give you loads of support, ive lost 11Ib this week and it feels so good so now I wont fall off the wagon again.


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Good luck everyone! i had a guilty day yeaterday when i went out to dinner but thats it im back and raring to go again!!! just hope it doesnt affect my loss at WI in the morning!
Hey just get back on the wagon and you will be fine and good luck with your weight in.


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WI was this moring and i lost another 6lb so thrilled!!! Im off to Aquafit in a bit im trying exercise with my diet this week, looking forward to the scales next week!
Hey thats fantastic well done xx

i have my official weigh in on Wednesday so will be interesting to see what ive lost, so far 11Ib. Feeling it tonight though have a headache, slight slip up yesterday when dishing out kids tea, had a bite and realised too late so knocked out of ketosis, god one bite and your toast, so not fair but hey ho im sure there will be slip ups along the way.


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oh dear! i stuck my finger in a sauce the other day to see if it was warm and stuck it in my mouth opps! but never mind we get over it and carry on!
Goodluck for Wednesday. let us know how you get on x
OOPs haha bet it was heaven though, yep looking forward to first weight in tomorrow, im on day nine and so proud ive made it so far, think im going to set myself mini goals with lovely rewards when I get to them and write a daily journey so I can follow what im doing and how im feeling. I know its supposed to be easy, but I dont think it is, its all about will power and im crap at will power really suprised myself so far.


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that sounds a good idea to do a journal. this in nowhere near easy! i struggle everyday with will power but i also suprise myself at being so strong and turning down that biscuit or piece of bday cake going round!!!
let us know how you do xx
Ok had the weight in and lost another three pound so wow a stone this week im truly amazed.