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Day 1 failed!! Start again new day 1 14th May! Aaarrrggghhh


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I failed my day 1 again! I have all the willpower until late afternoon and then that's it. I go into auto pilot and eat as though I will never get another meal!
this afternoon was going great then I felt the usual hunger pangs (big afternoon snacker) so decided to have a boiled egg to curb anything else - big mistake and it was as though because I had food any food was allowed and didn't stop eating all afternoon and then stopped as quickly as started.
i have to get over the afternoon binges! I've now been in bed since 10 and can't sleep cause I'm beating myself up knowing that I'm starting again tomorrow!
Is this just me? Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.
im home with my children a day (per school age) so food is a constant but it only ever affects me late afternoon?
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Hi. Thanks for the message. So glad someone else does the same and not just me!
i am going for it 100% tomorrow (again I know but if dont keep trying it won't happen)
im going to plan my day so that I am out at the park at the worst time of the day for me and not have any cash on me! Lol just snacks for the kids and that way I literally can't eat anything and I will be distracted too!
i can't stand how I look and feel now and this has to be done! I'm excited about losing weight quickly and will def be 100% just got to get through day 1!

Well I will support you too! Your also from the same area as me! Lol


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Late afternoons are hard. How are you holding up?
I spent 2 years trying to get back on plan - and afternoons were my downfall too - just like you - a nibble of something sensible to keep going and then binging on anything and everything. This time after umpteen restarts I managed to get through the first 5 days and now i'm back into it and not troubled by the afternoons at all. Keeping really busy at the danger times helps and sometimes adding an extra shake or a big glass of icy water - just when you are about to cave in works too. Alternatively come on here and shout at us ! That really works too. Good luck for today - you can do it ;-)


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Marikak I've actually made things worse for myself as because I binged yesterday I am ravenous this morning! I'm not giving in though!

BessieB it's great that someone is/was in the same position and understands. As supportive as my husband is he just doesn't quite 'get it' llol your results so far are amazing! As very inspirational well done!

the plan was to be out and busy this afternoon but a delivery that was due this morning is now timed 2-4 (my danger zone) lol so gonna have to think of something else.
my kids don't want to go anywhere today either as they didnt sleep to well last night so they are looking for a duvet day with inevitable 'treats'

i was thinking that I just couldn't start today until I came on here and saw both your replies so thank you so much! I'm gonna dig my heels in and get my first shake down me now and then find things to occupy my day x

things will probably mean being on here all day just to get me through - so ridiculous for a grown woman to say lol

hope your days go well x
Im on day 2 and also stay at home with my young daughter I have managed a whole day 100% so far and I think once uve got 1 day under ur belt u have the power to continue good luck !! Im hoping to loose about 3 1/2 stone and see how I feel and maybe then try for another stone !!! Excited to get ther for the summer :)


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It's hard with kids at home isn't it!? Lol they eat 24/7!

well done on being on day 2! It's motivational that your saying once through 1 day 100% you can keep going.
thanks for that!

my house will be gleaming by the end of the day!
good luck today. You know you can do it now xxx


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Good to see its going well for you snow.
im having a great day so far. I'm in the dreaded time if day right now so busying myself reading all the inspirational stories!
i can't stomach most of the products and I will be living on strawberry and forest fruits shakes with ice! I will get some water flavourings too and make ice lollies as I love them and feel like I'm eating lolol

heres to finishing the day 100%!!
- nearly there - keep going - you CAN do it. my horrors have just come home from school so its now food food food - argh. Father in law has just pitched up as well so now the house is full of yummy food smells. I know its bad when i was coming home for aquafit last week and my buddy stopped for fish and chips - I spent the rest of the journey in her car with the bags open and my nose stuck in there breathing the smell!!!LOL but didn't cheat. I hate most of the products too - but choc and choc mint are ok so just living on those. My cdc accidentally put 9 cookies and cream in my last box 9and then went on holiday_ bleugh - yuck yuck yuck - had one and no more - will be swapping them back on Friday. Luckily I keep a stack of the tetras (which i also hate ergh - but necessary evil for days when I am out/about)so I have enough product to see me through to friday morning when she is back.

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