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Day 1 here we go!

X Kelly X

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S: 21st2lb C: 21st2lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 46.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Ok so day 1 on S&S diet and I woke up hungry this morning! Which doesn't usually kick in until 8ish. Opened all my packs last night and found a free shaker with my order so that was great! Not sure what flavours to have today! So much choice! :)
I really hope I can stick with it. Just need to ignore my tummy today esp with it being cake day at work and fish n chips day! Booo.
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Probably a good idea to start on cake day while your motivation is high. By next cake day you will have had your first weigh in hopefully - and the weight loss will motivate you to keep resisiting. The hunger will pass so grin and bear it for a day or three and then the journey begins. Take care the weight loss will astound you!


Feeling great in 2012!
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Good luck Kelly, and keep checking in here to let us know how you're doing, especially for support if you feel a weak moment coming on. Coming on here and seeing some of the inspirational posts on any of the food replacement forums will help to motivate you and passes the time while you get over the wanting to eat phase.

Line up some nice treats for yourself for reaching mini, mini goals. I bought myself a necklace when I got through the first day, and had a manicure after the first week. It was a Shellac manicure and it still looks great 2 weeks on. Well worth the money.

Line up your 'just too tight' clothes and watch as you will start to fit into some of these after about the second week. After just over 3 weeks I'm feeling healthier and less tired too.
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good luck Kelly....

Have a great first day...... the hunger will go :) you will be in control again and your gonna love it x

What shake did you have? i just had banana :)
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do you mind if i give you a bit of advice, your stats are similar to mine.

in 2008 i did my first VLCD, i was fine to begin with but it was too hard to maintain for the length of time i needed to continue. i learnt a lot then and have done so from this forum. i am now in week 9 and because of how i have adapted things to suit my lifestyle i know i can maintain it for the 12 months or so i need to, and while doing so learn what i can and cannot eat when i get to goal. dont forget it is a long long journey and you need to be a bit kinder to yourself than 3 meal packs a day. you can get inventive with the veg and some white fish/meats/prawns, so that you get some variety, the skakes will soon get very boring. from the previous diet W8 they gave you a list of things you could eat which were all low carbs, you can use balsamic vinegar, and it is quite amazing how versatile it can be, i also use a lot of spices in stir frys, i will put leek, spring onion shallots, peppers, and sonme bean sprouts in as well as either prawn or chicken. i am still losing weight. i also make things into a soup, with winter coming i think it will really help to have something hot and tasty.

in the early days of this diet it is easy to stick to and your enthusiasm gets you through but after 3 months you will start to feel deprived, so you need to have a strategy, i looked on the Exante website and they have a load of ketosis recipes. may give you some ideas. good luck.

X Kelly X

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S: 21st2lb C: 21st2lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 46.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi Guys thank you for your good wishes.
I had the chocolate shake this morning which I really liked. :) I am going to do this diet like SS+ on CD. 3 Meal packs and a 200 cal dinner. So heres the plan for today!
(8am)Brekkie= choc shake
(12pm)Lunch- Spag Bol
(4Pm)- Choc truffle bar
(7pm) Dinner- Chicken breast and vegetables.
So given the above my calorie intake will be approx 650 cals. This is just more manageable for me and that way I can still 'eat' with my mum and when i go out 3 weekends on the trot for birthdays etc, i can simply have a chicken salad. :)
I am feeling v motivated now im at work! I will just visulise what those cakes and chips would be doing to my insides (ie wrapping themselves around my arterys and heart and slowly killing me) haha yup thats worked a treat!
I am glugging down the water, 600 mls gone so far.
I am having my hair done today which i am very excited about! :) so in a way that can be my treat for doing day 1!

I am listening to some songs on my iPhone and I think there is one particular one that is making me motivated and like i can do this! Jessie J- Whos Laughing Now! To all those bullies who called me names etc at school, this is for them! Im going to be slim and a size 12 so f**k you! haha sorry im feeling a tad hyper now!

How is everyone doing today? Im hoping my monday morning that i will be in ketosis as it will be my 4th day by then. God feels so off not starting a diet on a monday cus lets face it, its the law! ;-)
Trust me to start it on a friday! lol. I weighed myself this morning and also took measurements, so im more than ready to see both of those numbers drop! After ive done the first 2 weeks, i will incorporate more exercise i think but at the moment i just dont think i could manage the gym, so swimming it will be until then and just see how it goes. :-D
Kepp smiling everyone, keeping glugging water and be happy that we are all smart enough to to get ourselves healthy! xxxx
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Well done Kelly! I know. I started on a wednesday! Its just wrong, diets start monday surely lol!

Get on the fizzy water! Fills you up a treat. Frankly after a meal pack Im full to the brim! Couldnt fit in another mouthfull Joke!

Good Luck and keep us posted.
Good luck and stick to it! Don't do what I did and do a vlcd for 6wks, decide I couldn't be bothered and totally quit. It will all go back on and does!!

This time I'm ss for 3mnths, ss plus for a month and ss for another 3 (if needed) then ss plus and slowly increase real food.

I am only on day 4, but I am already thinking about why I ate what I did and when I did. This is def the key xx

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