Day 1 nearly over


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Well I'm at the end of Day 1 of 2007 re-start, no real nasty effects so far but not had enough water today so need to deal with that 2morr :( ...
I am really sweaty though not sure if this is as heading towards TOTM :confused: ... and the fact that I'm wrapped up in a big fluffy dressing gown :D .
I am really really hyped though - can't concentrate, just tried to pick of Foundation Book to get in the zone - can't take any of it in & none of it makes sense. Then tried reading LL Mag - can't deal with that either:confused: :confused: :confused: !!!!
Whats wrong with me???? I feel great other than this though which is why I logged back on xxx:eek:
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questions questions questions

Do you think I feel like this as I had double pack for my soup then a coffee bout half 8??? :confused: or this is my detox???


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probs the detox, if it doesn't all settle down in a few days or so give the counsellor a call.

I think it can cause a load of different symptoms person to person so I wouldn't worry too much!

Hope you feel normal again soon! (whatever normal is....)



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Well I finally fell asleep at about 0400hrs.... GRRRRRRRR!!!
I was having a dream that I was being attacke by a giant pink rabbit (no idea??????) it was half 8 & I had 20 mins to get kids up, dressed, breakfasted & to school which is 2 mins away! We did it, I went home had shower & I,m now at work where I'll be until approx 8pm this eve!!!!!!

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Hi Clucks

Hope your day is going well. Be prepared for a tough few days. This first week is definitely the hardest but you can get through it if you just remind yourself why you are doing this.

Its horrible feeling fat and miserable, its horrible have no clothes to wear, its horrible having no energy and feeling constantly tired, its horrible being with people your own age and looking and feeling 20 years older, its horrible to have to admit your a size bigger, its horrible feeling unattractive, its horrible to want to feel normal. I don't want to feel like this any more - do you?