Step 1 Sole Source Day one nearly over. Anyone else just started, how are you feeling?

Hey, I am new to this so bear with me :) Firstly, a little bit about myself. i have underactive thyroid and have struggled with my weight as a result of this for years. The only diet I have ever done was WW and I lost 2 stone on it in 25 weeks, so slow weight loss. I then got to 14 stone and have stayed there for over 2 years. i go to the gym 3 times a week running 5 k atleast once a week, I eat healthily but nothing seems to work. I then recently had some external stress and it made me gain 1 stone in a week......even though I was eating the same stuff as usual :( I went to the doctors and my levels of levothyroxin went up. I am now on 100mcg everyday. So I have joined Cambridge in the hope I can boost my metabolism and finally get down to a healthy weight. It becomes really frustrating when you are eating health and excersising just to stay the same, so i can be disheartening and make you want to go on a massive binge...I mean, if you are going to be fat either way right?!

Today has gone well. I had a mint choc at 9am ( I usually eat breakfast with my son at 7am, but I wanted to try it later so I didnt starve of an evening) it was really tasty, i had this along with a peppermint tea and I felt full till 12ish. I have been sipping my 2.5litres of water throughout day. I have had 2 cups of balck tea also, which will probs take me to 3litres today.

For lunch i had the leek and potato soup, I had that at around 2 oclock. it was tasty, not amazing, but it was okay, id eat it again anyway.

I am now holding out till after 7.30ish for my dinner shake so once my son goes to bed I am not so hungry and cave.

How is everyone feeling atm? Is there any shakes, soups that you have hated? Do you think you can last the next 3 horrid days?it would be great to have a buddy during this for motivation and tips :):wave_cry:
Just keep distracted and focus on why you are doing this.

The shakes are good with loads of ice, the soups are good with herbs and spices added, and the bars (when you get to week 3) are delicious! I'd have them in maintenance! at least i know they are good for me! lol

Welcome along! :)

I just started too, Day 3 nearly over for me.

I've started on the Step 2 810 one and am finding it very easy and straightforward. I've never done WW or SW or any other diet, just relied on exercise and healthy eating, but I've had a full year of not doing either and put on 3 stone as a result.

I didn't think I would manage to drink plain old tap water at all, but have finished 2.5 litres by mid afternoon each day and it's been absolutely fine. I thought meal times and in particular making yummy meals for the children would be difficult, but that has been OK. I nearly had a pancake by accident today and it did actually reach my mouth before I remember I wasn't meant to eat it, and managed to stop it's consumption just in time lol I've only got the mint choc shakes which I love.

I intend to do this until early September or I reach my goal weight (same weight I was last year) whichever comes first. Just hope the next few weeks go just as easily, fingers crossed.

Good luck to everyone else starting out on the CD too :)

I've just started too, day 3 for me on SS today! I have a holiday booked for the end of August so need to loose some weight before I go!
How have you found the soups? I don't really like the tomato soup as it's a but powdery tasting, even after using the stick blender!