Day 1 of cambridge diet and alot of people are neg about it.......


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S: 13st5lb C: 8st5lb G: 8st7lb BMI: 20.1 Loss: 5st0lb(37.43%)
you must follow what plan you think is right for you, I have to admit i done ww for 1 week and was so hungry I passed out!!
I then started at SW and haven't looked back, iv'e never been hungry and have lost 5 stone. I myself have some negative comment's cos I have lost the weight I have had a few people who have been jealous, Rise above it.......Good luck with your weight loss journey hun and please keep in touch :) X


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Hey Sheeshee84,

Day two is over... Well done.

I'm the same as you!... Have struggled a little bit today...particularly hungry tonight, my stomach is making some sort of noise!

Just want to have a really good weight loss in my first week to motivate me. At the moment, I've no idea if I've lost anything...scared for the weekend too as I'm going to miss my wine :-(

Good luck tomorrow. Hope your day goes well

Lise x