Day 1 So far..


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Hiya! I started LT for the first time today!

So far I've had a strawberry milkshake, a black coffee and about 10 litres of water! ok so maybe not that much but it feels like it! I'm not a water drinker normally so i'm finding that part really hard..

Can't say I'm feeling hungry... yet... Feeling depressed but only cos the weather here is so dire! I had planned to take my puppy to the beach to take my mind off food but I think she'd get blown away in the wind!
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I'm on my first day too. Strawberry shake for breakfast, chocolate for lunch and soup for tea.
I'm not really hungry at the moment either, I think the evenings will be the worst.
I find the water a bit tough but I have bought some sparkling water just for a different taste.


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Keep going hun it gets far easier. Just try & hibernate for about 3-4 days then you will start feeling much better :)
Good luck


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Good luck with your first week Rosie-Pink :D


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keep up the good work girls drinking the water does get easier i promise just make sure you have all 3 shakes

feep strong and focused

all the best xx sharron


S: 17st0lb C: 16st2.5lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 0st11.5lb(4.83%)
Me again!! Still not feeling hungry but I have to say I had to go to tesco for a few bits and that killed me.... I kept seeing things and saying 'oh' and then remembering I can't have it!! Just need to focus and remember why I'm doing it!!

Just made a hot chocolate... not the usual taste but it definately filled a gap!

Still struggling with the water!


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well done for gettin through day one keep drinking that water as it makes all the difference I never felt hungry at all my first week but had everything else the dizzyness headaches weakness but it does get better by day 5 I felt on top of the world so keep at it and you will feel 100%
Hey ladies.. and Welcome! Im only on day 5 of LT and feel great today tbh.
Just one thing.. does anyone actually really like the strawberry shake ? I thought I had lost my tastebuds after that..its was awful lol

Anyhoo.. GL =D


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Best wishes and Good Luck to you all!
Next week you'll all feel great, and then it's the WI and you'll REALLY be flying! :party0011: lots of love, Cathy,xxxx


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All the best for your first week, i wish ya every success. Looking forward to seeing your first wi, take care