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day 1 sole source plus


loves the moon and cats!
Well I've got plenty of water in and just had a glass before my cd apple and cinammon porridge :yuk: it was like eating a bowl of salty mushed up cardboard! think I'll give that a miss with my next box. Maybe the normal porridge is better :hmm: anyway I got a selection of everything so I can see which I will buy agin and which I won't. So here goes, bring it on :fingerscrossed: At least I'll have my 200 cal meal to look forward to tonight :eating:
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Hey mooncat....
Good luck for the week ahead! I have never tried the porridge I know some people really like them....
Make sure you drink loads of water and dont be scared its all worth it when you see your results at weigh in!


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You have done the right thing getting a selection, i only like the shakes Chocolate, strawberry and choc mint, but we are all different, good luck with you you first week and hope you shed lots of weight.
Good luck sounds like you are focused. I love the porridge, are you using a blender before microwaving it? I also put a little extra milk in with mine. Other people have also added a spoon of other shakes in the plain porridge to make it a different flavour. Even one is different and it is hard finding what you like, buying a bit of everything is the right thing to do. Hope you get on well x


I forgot about the porridge when I went for my order. 3 weeks of shakes :D

Doesn't bother me to much really.


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mmmmm i find the porridge really really sweet.
i guess it just does show how all our tastebuds are really different.

goof luck on your first week.


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I had my first porridge last night before bed, warmed me up lovely. I also found it to have quite a sweet taste, just right!! Yummy! I shall be ordering plenty next week.


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I like the apple & cinnamon porridge, but hated the original porridge. My very favourites are the chocolate & strawberry shakes and leek & potato soup, although l like quite a lot of the others too.
People have different tastes, l'm sure you'll find a few flavours that you like.
Good luck. :)


always struggling
I loooove the porridge - prefer the orginal one. You need to try as many as you can so that you have a bit of a variety although Im not keen on any soups so I have the choc tetra and ocassional I do the strawberry one although that can taste a bit sour sometimes! But porridge on an evening makes you feel like your having something stodgy and very sweet x


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Like everyone has said we all have different tastes so you need to try for yourself.I couldnt stand the porridge:( or the bars :(or soup:(.I must be really fussy.:p
Good luck with your first week, it will all be worth it.


loves the moon and cats!
:D Thankyou everyone for your replies and encouragement :greenapple: I've just had a vegetable soup and it was yummy :drool: I'm crossing off each glass of water as I drink it (how organised is that!) but I have a headache and still feel hungry :(


always struggling
Hi mooncat glad you feel better on your second day. Take one day at a time and you will be fine... x

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