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Day 1 SS Restart!!!

Day one....

So far so good feeling a lil bit peckish but ive only had one shake and didnt even have all of it, not doing to well on the water but thats because im out n about!

I lost just over a stone but went a bit wrong after that so now i am back at work i will be working very hard at this diet my goal was to be at goal by my daughters first birthday which is middle of april! And i will!!!

Heres to a good first day!!!
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Well done for getting through day 1. I find that teh hardest of all.
Good luck with the rest of it but I am sure by the end of the week you will be absolutely fine.
I had 1st WI today & have lost 10lbs so just think how you will feel next monday with a fab loss too.
Just shout if needed cos I could do with someone to help me along too

Thanks hun, and well done on your loss thats really good! x
Hey! Well its day 2 for me too! We can do this! I am feeling surprisingly fine - and if i get the dreaded headache tonight I'll just have an early night... WE CAN DO THIS!
I am feelin rather hungry atm think its just boredom not doing to well on the water think its cos my bladder is full but i hate using the toilets here! will have to endure it!

yesterday went well when i started to get cravings i told myself off lol i didnt even do 100% on my first time round so very proud!
Congrats on the huge loss, Kilobel.

And, hang in there H2LB and Sophie MK... it gets easier after the ketosis kicks in. I am in week 3 and I have lost most of my interest in "real" food. Sure once in awhile something smells good, but the thought of eating it makes me a bit ill.

Well had my weigh in today and i lost 3.5lbs! woowoo!
Wasnt expecting it as i was on a night shift and was drinkin water the whole night so had all that in me plus had 2 rocky days!
CDC said i might have lost more but because i was working nights etc it may have messed it up which works for me....not getting weighed until next tuesday now as i working and cdc is full so will have a good loss me thinks!!! BUT YAY!!!!
Hi H2LB,

Congrats on the great loss. I have read that working night shift not only messes with your body clock, but it can also affect your metabolism. So, you should feel very good over your losses.

Thanks hun!

Well been keeping usy today so hopefully will stay 100% fingers crossed? xx
It sounds like you are doing pretty well, thus far.
I did my 1st shot at cambridge last year whilst on nights. Needless to say its the reason i gave up. Your a stronger gal than me for sticking through it! My body was all over the place. Thankfully nights finished for me and is easier during the day.
Day 1 ss restart

Day one , been ok for me, find the water easy as ?I drink a lot anyway. It s the lack of food and the headache I cant cope with, but great to see im not alone xx


Why Be Normal?
Tomorrow will be day one on my restart --
Hi Minnie Mel, I'm the same i drink loads of water anyway so it's not a problem for me..... plus i think that helps to fend off cravings and hunger too.


Why Be Normal?
Hi Trim T -

I am doing ok with the CD restart so far. Not doing enough water, but I was drinking coffee and have switched to decaf tea. So, fluid is flowing -- I am jsut very cold. I held off until I was getting cranky to have my first shake/soup and just had a potato soup (I usually prefer the shakes -- but it is cold). I know I will starting feeling colder in the next day or so -- I always do when I am ssing.

How's your restart going?


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