Day 1 start tomo :-D

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  1. Nomsad

    Nomsad Full Member

    Anyone starting tomo 24th?? I have a weigh in on Monday then Monday thereafter. I dont know my weight and when I weigh I've asked not to know what I've lost as I am going to focus on my size which is 16/18 I didnt want to focus on a weight but I want to fit into my wedding dress which is a 14 but more like a 12 :-D I plan to do 16 week tfr then maintenance but it depends what size I am whether I stay on longer or come off sooner :-D anyone fancy buddying up could do with the encouragement tbh x
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  3. Mrs B2B

    Mrs B2B Member

    Hello and welcome! Well done for making the decision! Like you I'm desperate to be slimmer for my wedding which is I'm 10 weeks!! I've lost 17 1bs in the first 2 weeks and already feeling the difference! I have my weigh in on a Monday too, but am a litte scale obsessed as I weigh myself every bloody morning, must stop that!

    This forum is great, so you've come to the right place for encouragement! Good luck and happy shaking! x
  4. Nomsad

    Nomsad Full Member

    I was 21stone and a size 24/26 so just got a third left to lose. My wedding isnt until next year but I really want to be slim for the summer and for the rest of my life. Feel like ive had this extra weight for ages and need to lose it once and for all got my water in the fridge and in the morning we go!!!!
  5. mariacarr1992

    mariacarr1992 Full Member

    Helloooo :D Im starting today. I went on lipotrim 2 years ago starting at 14.7 and i lost a stone but now i'm 16 stone ... so dissapointment in myself that i've left myself get this bad. I use to be a size 14 and that's what I'm heading to be. I don't want to be slim but I don't want to be overweight...
    Maybe we can do this together x
  6. mariacarr1992

    mariacarr1992 Full Member

    I've set a goal to lose a stone for valentines day :) try and set some goals, it really helps x
  7. Nomsad

    Nomsad Full Member

    Yep lets do this together :-D my first goal is to get thru one week :-D unfortunately couldn't get started today so starting again tomo :-D so get thru the first 7 days 100% and get into ketosis which should be by Monday will pee on stick Monday morning before visit to chemist!!!!
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