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day 1 take ?


weighs a lot less
well hello there fellow lipotimmers , Today is my restart day ,the kids are back at school , all the leftover christmas goodies have been throw out the house and ive already drank a pint of water.
I thought i would have the day to myself but ive been called into work and im gonna be doing a 12 shift , cant decide if its a bonus as at least i wont have time to think about food or if im just gonna be really tired , so ive packed my trusty handblender and a chocolate shake and im all ready to go , well i will be when i get dressed , so good luck to anyone else whos just started or restarted you have not heard the last from me xxxx
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Well good luck hun,im the same.Ive restarted today but im at home with nothing to do,not even the ironing lol.Think ill walk the dog later lol.
Keep thinking you have done it before and you can do it again,and at least you know what to expect lol



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hi, Lillie how are you i remember you from last year good luck with the restart xx


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Hi Lillie. Good luck with restart. Restart can be tough, but you are made of good stuff and I'm sure you'll do FANTASTIC again.


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Goodluck keep busy!XX


weighs a lot less
well day one done and nearly half way through day 2 , ive done a ketostick this morning and lucky me im already in ketosis , cutting out the carbs and upping the water b4 you start seems to really work for me , so hows everyone else doing ???


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well done, golly in ketosis already - is that a record...lol

Today is day 5 for me....I have my moments - going from cold to freezing, can't sleep/won't sleep, straving then not....the usual I guess!


weighs a lot less
i forgot how cold you get but its more than worth it , the first week is deffo the hardest but the first weigh in really gives you that booost x
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im on day 6 of my restart... so i am glad im not doing this alone. great how all of you are doing - inspires me to keep going. im not in ketosis yet and that worries me. but i feel less fat in my face and that shows me to keep going.


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Good luck Lille! Well done for getting through a 12hr shift!! Im on Day 5 and planned it well as i am back to work tomorrow and am definately in Ketosis now so tomorrow should be as normal!
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gud luck with the restart hunny, i am sure ya will do just as good, take care
Hiya Lilo, Im just back from the chemist only had strawberry, gutted! But he's getting me some soup for Thursday.
Nice fella this one, he's even give me the 1st 2 weeks for £40 and then back to what it was before, so bargain!
Ok so, 3 months to go, walk in the park! xx


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Hey Lillie :) Good luck with the restart Hun Xx
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well done, you went into ketosis in record time! im restarting again today after a week and a bit more off! hopefully i'll get back into it as good as u did. good luck xx

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Its definately cold. We lipotrimmers have a few things in common one being WE'RE ALL COLD!!!! XX
hey lil!

Hope its going OK for you hun. You know the first week is the worst. It gets easier xx
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good luck lilly! i love ur name by the way - i think it is ultra cool! :)

stay cool ;) xox
Nice to see I am not the only one back!1

Liile/Shazpaz and Fattothin

Have been looking for you all as I knew pre Xmas that I was going to start again in the New Year cos I wanted to finish what I had started but felt like I was the only one who had gone backwards a tad since the first stint!!!

Found out on 23/12 that I had gained 6kg since finishing last time but still in same sized suit, jeans etc but starting to feel a tad uncomfortable. Started afresh yesterday and apart from having the dump the car in the middle of Hampstead High Street and dash to the loo in Starbucks all is going well. It's all in the head for me, set the mind to it and its fine!!

Couldn't beleive how great the Soup tasted again last night - must have really missed it.

Chemist did my 1st week at Half price as I was a good customer!!

Good luck to you all and look forward to chatting.

What are you aiming at this time Mr Fat2?