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Day 1 tomorrow.................


This is my year
Hello and welcome :)

Exante works, it really does!

You name the diet, and I have done it. My wardrobe is full of clothes from size 10 to a truly appalling 24 :cry:

Exante is the best thing I have ever done! I just wish I had found it before.

I had looked at Cambridge, Lighter Life and others - but they all involved seeing a 'counsellor', and for me the humiliation of public weighing - not to mention the high expense!

I found Exante and this site entirely at random.

Well, I haven't looked back.

Yes, the first few days are hard. Yes, I was hungry and had a headache.

But, within 3 days I felt fine and have done so since.

I have been 100% TS since the start. If someone had told me I could last 6 weeks without eating anything I would have thought they were insane:D

Seeing the scales, and my shape, changing every week is so motivating!

The support here is fantastic. I am a very private person, but have found myself 'talking' to complete strangers about all sorts of things:)

We are all here with one aim, so understand how hard it all is.

Stick with it, and it will be so worth it.

Good luck!


Been liberated by Exante!
poohbearmufc said:
Help needed, i am starting exante tomorrow and need the determination and motivation to stay on it... It is far too easy to give up on it but I know it is going to work..... so please any motivation u can give me.............. I need to do this........
I agree with Darcy, it's the best diet ever. It's hard to start but it gets easier as you go along. It's quick and the results are very motivating. Once you have lost the first stone, that took me about a month, then the new body shape drives you on.

Any diet is hard initially, but Exante is different because the weight loss is so good and so consistent. That's what motivates any dieter. So just believe it gets better and better - power your way through the early days.

I am a bit obsessed on this just now but NOTHING tastes as good as feeling slim feels. I did not realise how grotty I felt very fat, - aching knees, bad back, always tired, always hating my body, poor self esteem, unable to ever buy clothes I like, only buying what fits......... Now I feel optimistic, full of life, very confident, positive and I just love new clothes. I love swimming and exercise, me? The original couch potato! There is a new richer life out there, its yours for the taking.

So why would you not just do it? Good luck, life happens but you can live it without the added baggage of too much weight.

Hi Poohbear, good luck for today!
As Darcy and GSQ say its totally worth it, you won't regret this choice! Stay strong the first week or so when it feels hard, once you're in the zone it just becomes a way of life and the stones just melt away :D
I'd recommend trying really hard to stay 100% for the first couple of weeks at least - from my experience little nibbles of food make it so much harder, and why make it harder on yourself?
Keep posting and let us know how you get on
It's true what everyone's said, this diet really does work. It's so satisfying to be quickly and consistently seeing that the effort that I have put in is being transformed into smaller numbers on the scales and looser clothing. I think the reason I've never done well at losing weight before is that I've never had the positive feedback that this diet provides to the level that it does, and now I'm just curious to see how well I can do in the long term.

This place is fantastic for support when you need it, and a motivational story or two is only a few clicks away if you need your focus back.

Good luck, you'll be fine!


will achieve target
Hi ya .... well hope you are off on a roll today and that you manage the food well xxx

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