Day 1 xx doing very well :)

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Gemma1986, 21 August 2008 Social URL.

  1. Gemma1986

    Gemma1986 Im just me!

    First day back since Feb doing ss,to get the last 2 stone off,i have maintained my last 2stone with ww but just kept cheating towards the end and no weight was coming off so here we go.
    May need some help for the first few days please xx
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  3. Bev1963

    Bev1963 Likes to Post

    Hi Gem, good luck, you know help is always at hand here.
  4. Gemma1986

    Gemma1986 Im just me!

    Thanks Bev,as you no i have done it b4 its just getting back to it :)
  5. mellemel

    mellemel Member

    Welcome back!!
    As hard as it is in the beginning, you know this diet works so keep thinking of that when you're going through difficult times..
    This has been my first week, not sure what i weigh but after Just a week a size 14 skirt i bought that couldn't zip up last thurs, now does..Amazing!!
    Good luck Gemma you'll be fine..
  6. chrisfromengland

    chrisfromengland Full Member

    good luck for day 1
  7. Gemma1986

    Gemma1986 Im just me!

    I no all my size 14's will be out the cupboard in a few weeks and new stuff will be in as you see the difference straight away.
  8. mellemel

    mellemel Member

    I love it!
    So desperate to be a size 10 I never thought it possible. But with CD I actually believe I can do it this time.. And I won't give up till I get there... In a couple weeks i might buy some 12 jeans and see if I can at least pull them past my knees!!
  9. KittyB

    KittyB Gold Member

    Hi Gem,
    Good luck for your restart. You'll be fine, and how fab will it be to get rid of the size 14's and replace them with 12's :)
  10. saraian24

    saraian24 Gold Member

    You can do it Gem x
  11. Gemma1986

    Gemma1986 Im just me!

    Thats my aim,i go away 6 weeks so it would be nice for me to be in a smaller size :)
  12. saraian24

    saraian24 Gold Member

    Gem I put money on that youl be in a bikini!
  13. missmf

    missmf getting slimmer

    a big good luck with your 2nd go!

    i'm a a position a little like you.
    i started at 13st1lb and last fri i was 10st11lb, but i seem to be at a bit of a lul.
    kep cheating and cant seem to focus.
    on ss+ now to see if that helps, we'll see tomoz.

    we'l have to spir each other on, and see who can lose that next2 stome the fastest!!! x x
  14. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member

    Hey Gemma, best of luck. we will help and support you best we can when i restarted again there 3weeks ago the guys on here really kept me going!

    so go gemma you can and will do it :) im of on holis in 3weeks. hey we have a holiday challenge if you wanna join it?
  15. claire1

    claire1 Silver Member

    morning Gemma , you did so well the first time around i'm positive it will be the same now.....come on size 12 :) x
  16. Gemma1986

    Gemma1986 Im just me!

    Thanks for all your messages,i didnt see the holiday challange.
    I no i can do it,i wanna get to lower then what i am now :)
  17. KBQueen

    KBQueen Yummy Mummy in the making

    You can do it babes :girlpower:
    I'm 16/18 and wont give up until I'm back in my 12's (which are still in my wardrobe would you believe :eek:)
  18. KittyB

    KittyB Gold Member

    Get glugging :D you'll be just you have all of us rooting for you :) x
  19. Gemma1986

    Gemma1986 Im just me!

    How much water do you all drink?
  20. LENNY4974

    LENNY4974 Silver Member

    Good luck with your new start Gemma:D

    You will be back in the size 12's before you know it:p:)

    I personally drink 4 - 5 litres of warm water per day.

    Take care
  21. Gemma1986

    Gemma1986 Im just me!

    Im doing ok then as i am on 4l already :)

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