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Day 1

Hi guys,

I hope everyone is feeling good today?

I'm on my first day after picking up my foodpacks last night. I've had one bottle of water but resisting eating my first pack as night times are always hard for me.

In January 2009, I was 19st 8lbs and managed to lose just over 3st (16st 6lbs) but more recently, have started to put it back on (Now 17st 9lbs - put 5lbs on in a week knowing I was doing this!!!). For some reason I've started to feel the same as I did at 19 stone which is why I've decided to try Lighter Life.

I've enjoyed reading about everyone's successes and I can't wait to have my own.

I have a wedding on 1st October and I'm worrying as I'm there all day, and obviously the meal is pre-ordered. Has anyone else had a social event? I would feel too rude to not eat, so I'm thinking half of the starter, half of the main and give the desert to someone else??? I just don't want to come out of ketosis!!!!

C x
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Hi C

I was on LL for over eight months and had loads of social events and didn't eat anything at any of them. Once you've got into the swing of not feeling obliged to eat then it's easy. I went to black tie events, weddings and even my own birthday 'meal' and didn't eat. Sometimes I would take a bar or get them to make up a soup but mostly I just drank water. Once people had got over feeling uncomfortable (which was their problem, not mine) it was fine. Two years after completing LL and maintaining my 170lb weight losss I can safely say I didn't miss out on any social occassion by not eating. Once you're on the waggon, it's best to stay on it! 1st October is very early into your journey so I wouldn't advise eating, or feeling pressured to eat at the wedding but it is your choice. 100% abstinence is what works. 'just a bit here and there' isn't how the diet works!
I know it's tricky but once you've got into the swing of it it's a breeze :)
Hi Rachel

Well done on your amazing weight loss and for maintaining it for so long! Very inspirational as I really do not want to be part of the 80% that put all the weight back on so its good to see that it is possible.

Glad you hear that you were able to go out to social events without feeling the pressure to eat! I'm in London on the 24th/25th with my nan, taking her to see The Lion King. Yesterday I was thinking that I'd have to deviate away from the plan but after realising that I can just buy still water to make up a shake or have a bar (can't wait until I get my hands on them next week!!) I know I'm going to stick to it. How have restaurants reacted when you've asked them to make up a soup for you???

I think I may call my friend to let her know that I won't require food to see if she can get her money back, so I won't feel at all obliged to eat. I think I will find it difficult to explain to people why I'm not eating but as you say, its their problem, not mine.

Take care,
C x
Welcome Charlielou
Rachel is so right. You can easily incorporate abstinence into your routine and not miss out on your social life. I didn't eat anything for a year, but still went everywhere - restaurants etc.
I would just say, I won't be eating thanks, but I'd like a black coffee and a glass of water please. No problem, ever.
I would usually have my pack before or after. I didn't ask restaurants to mix them for me, but I know a lot of people do.
We didn't have bars when I did it. I'm sure that makes it easier, you can just sit and nibble daintily!

Good advice from Rachel. LL isn't something to play about with.
You need to be completely committed and stick to it 100% especially if you don't want to be one of the 80%.
Good luck. You'll have a fab time at The Lion King and sit comfortably in the seat!
Hi Brenda,

I have to say you look absolutely amazing! Such a huge difference to your before photo that you have on your photo gallery.

Thanks for the advice - definitely not going to deviate from the plan.

Day 1 has been super easy - I hope it continues!!!

C xx
hi charlie - take it from someone who knows.....that first mouthful leads to a WHOLE heap of emotional trouble. once you take that 1st bite, or have that meal and you still lose weight (because you only had a little) you cant help thinking you can do it again and again. this leads to you eating all the time and believe me it is SO hard to get back into it a 2nd time. when i first started i was thinking well i done it once i can do it again.....its not that easy. DONT DO IT!!! the food at these places arent usually that great anyway!! they are pre cooked and re-heated. you wont be missing out on anything and you have so much to gain!

i took a bar and soup with me to restraunts. i had the soup as a starter (just ask for a jug of hot water and a bowl) and a bar usually. but the chilli con carne is also a really good one as it mixes so well.

i am like an open book, so when people asked me what i was doing, it was a great opportunity to boast about how much weight i had lost, and talk about the diet. people generally have loads of questions which also helps you stay on track because you are re-inforcing why you are doing it.

good luck!!
I'm really not going to eat anything that I shouldn't.. I've resisted up to now (but it is only day 3). Thanks for the advice, glad you didn't find it difficult to take your soups with you... I think I'll feel more involved if I'm eating something at the same time as others.

Hope you're doing okay xx