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Day 1

Hi everyone
I'm new to this today is day 1 for me. I'm a bit nervous. I really wanna do this. I've got about 3 stone to lose. My CDC seems a bit slap dash she didn't really explain much to me at all about the diet and failed to measure me so I did that all myself so I'm guessing this site will be my motivation and help. My only concern people keep saying you shouldn't do this diet because it's hard to keep the weight off.?! Obviously I won't go back to old eating habits and will be sensible. Has anyone else heard this or experienced this x
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97% of ALL diets end in failure, with no long term weight loss achieved. It doesn't matter if you do Weight Watchers, Atkins, count your calories or do a VLCD like Cambridge - the long term success rates are all similar. It's not anything to do with the diet, it's about what you do after the diet.

One of the major criticisms of VLCDs is that they don't retrain your relationship with food, or teach you about portion control, so when people stop, they tend to go back on eating what put the weight on in the first place. The effects of this can be mitigated by reintroducing food slowly and working up the plans, so you DO learn about portions and how much of what it takes to fill you and be healthy.

Additionally, I'd recommend that you seriously think and devote time to planning what specifically your long term sustainable diet will look like after you finish CD. That way you'll have a plan when you do of what you want to do, and how you're going to keep the weight off. Maintenance is key!

Cambridge is fantastic, you will lose weight with amazing speed and feel great. It WILL work and if you're smart about it, you'll keep the weight off forever. I took a six week break, and (accounting for water/carb regain) put on less that half a stone - and I have a sneaky suspicion most of that was my 'last meal' syndrome before I restarted :p

Good luck!! This board is great for help and support, and if you're really unhappy with your consultant, you can always get a new one. I'm not a huge fan of mine, but all I -want- is to be weighed and buy my stuff and leave. I wanted more in the beginning, but I'm more independent than that, and love the support I get on minimins :)
well its the same with ANY diet. if you go back to your old eating habbits you are bound to put the weight back on. you didnt put the weight on mysteriously. it was the food! i say give it a go. i lost 2 stone last year on this diet and only put on 7lbs of that back on over the course of a year. good luck!!
Thanks for the response. I'm defo giving it a go I'm really excited. Jus had the apple and cinnamon porridge for brekkie it wasn't that bad. I'm so inspired from this forum which is what made me what to try this diet. I was previously doing slimming world but found the results to be quite slow I lost 8.5lbs since January I sort of want it to be a bit quicker hence starting the cd. Does anybody have any tips for the first week anything I should know? I'm doing sole source so 3 packs a day an minimum 4pints of water ( tht is right isn't is?)
Many thanks.
well phoenixshonour has answered that perfectly , lots of research has been done and you are just as likely to regain after loosing on a plan such as WW as you are on CD , you just have to make sure you learn to eat better when you finish and the 7 step programme really works so make sure you work up the plans properly and you will be fine .

congrats on starting CD , its an amazing diet and has totally changed my life and minimins is the reason I have been able to stick to it , there is always someone here to give support and give amazing advise .. although I would say that a supportinve knowledgable CDC is also very important and if you can I would find another one who can support you better

My advise to all newbies is -
drink lots of water ( I drink 4 litres ) , when you feel hungry drink ...
distraction is key in the first week , I always do loads of cleaning , sorting , rearranging the house etc in my week to keep my mind off food
Positivity - if you are positive and see the diet as an amazing tool for you to change your life you will succeed , its when we start to resent the diet and feel deprived we fail , tell yourself that you CAN have that cake/biscuit/ chocolate if you want it , the diet isnt stopping you , BUT you are CHOOSING not to have it .. this put you in control and ever hour you manage to resist will make you feel stronger and more positive :D
Come on here lots and look at peoples diaries , success stories , ask for advise , start a diary , get involved it really helps :D
and just remember the first 4-5 days are going to be hard .. you may have headaches so take paracetamol , you will feel weak and tired .. BUT by day 4-5 you will suddenly feel loads better , it will get much easier and before you know it that 3 stone has disappeared :D

Good luck :D
Thank you so much for the help and support. Day 1 100% so far and feeling good. Really motivated ?
I'm seeing my CDC on friday so see if she improves. Should I expect her to measure me, or do I do that myself. I don't know wht to expect from a CDC. Also I was concerned about having bad breath as my job involves me talking to clients she advised me that I can chew gum which I thought was odd as wouldn't that make me Hungary? Any suggestions? I really really want this week to go superfast coz I wanna see a good weightloss I'll let u know how I get on x

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I ♥ CD !!
hi and welcome you'll find you have loads of support here. l depend on this site for lots of support , every one's in the same boat, we share ups and downs praise and encouragement so any questions will be answered here for you good luck that 3st will fly off you :D:D:D
hi , not all CDCs measure , but she should be telling you everything you need to know about CD before you start ! as for sugar free gum .. officially its a no no some people have it and dont have a problem but a lot of people do find it makes them hungry and can also effect you digestion and your stomach acid .... i have never used it , I know gold spot spray is ok , as is mouthwash , I have laways used listerine strips as they are allowed , and taste great although I have to buy off e bay as not many places sell them anymore
I to have started today, keep me update on how ur doing and i will do the same if u like??

I find it easier to have someone to go along with, i've just had my second shake today, im off work with my little girl because she had an operation so just cuddles n watching films for us today!

good luck
charlotte x
Yeh defo that would be amazing. I've had porridge for brekkie an jus had a soup for lunch. I'm also at home today as it is my day off and I'm really battling with my head coz I really want food already lol. But I'm staying strong. Might go outside for a walk or something to take my mind of it as not many distractions being at home. Glad I'm going to work tomoro as I think that will help massively. I'm aiming to be my target weight of 9st by end of June. I'm currently 11.10 so just under 3 stone to lose. Can't wait x

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i had my food shopping delv this morning, just after my first shake and straight away i starting thinking shall i just start it tomorrow instead lol!! i was strong though n said i was being stupied!!

i want to loose 4 stone :-( im sick of being a fatty bum bum haha!

i did this diet b4 and lost 2 1/2 stone but had another baby and gained the weight back again so here i am!

The one thing i struggle with is bordem eating! i just need to get out of the habit! im so tired of feeling like this, im constantly thinking people r talking about me or that my husband is goin of me!!(i sound like a looney!!lol) x
Omg I was exactly the same I'll just start tomoro. Haha!
No we start today and we stick to it and soon we will be our target weights and super hot haha!
We can do this, I myself suffer the same problem boredom eating hence the reason I've decided that if I get the urge to eat I'm either gonna go for a nap or go out walking lol.
Good luck and keep it up you can do this xxx

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I to have started today, keep me update on how ur doing and i will do the same if u like??

I find it easier to have someone to go along with, i've just had my second shake today, im off work with my little girl because she had an operation so just cuddles n watching films for us today!

good luck
charlotte x
hi good luck to you too :) How is your little girl ? I hope it wasnt anything too serious and she recovers quickly .. I am so lucky so far both mine ( 4 and 1 ) have never been ill ... apart from the odd cold , I have never had to even take either of them to the doctor ... it must be hard when they are ill
yes we can!!! i cnt wait to feel good about myself n not look in the mirror and cringe! lol what time r u going to have ur last shake? im gonna try and leave it till about 7 as i get hungrey n the evening! have u got the porriage? think im gonna have that later!

Katie u have done soo well!! how have u manage to keep motivated? what do u do to get u through the moments of weakness?
I too have 2 children 4 and 1. Olivia is 4 and james is 14 months, Olivia has just had a polyp removed from her ear and tonsils and adernoys out :-( not a major op but still alot for a 4year old. She such a good girl so no trouble but has taken it out of her a little bit. James has a refulx too so they have had there far share of illness. But still well kids :) x
I had the porridge for brekkie and had soup at about 1. Tryna hold off on the last shake till about 7pm too. I'm struggling with the hunger pangs. Sooooo tempted to eat and start again tomoro but I know thts a bad move so jus drinking more water. Is it normal to feel sooooo hungry lol x

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Hello :) and well done for taking on CD! The hunger really does subside I'm just about to finish my 6th week and I really don't get hungry! So much so that I have my first shake at around 11 then another one at about 4 then the other one can be as late as 10 I don't really think about them and have to make sure I remember to have them somedays!! Good luck xx
Thank you so much for your response. I nearly ate then looked at a fat pic photo I have and walked away from the fridge haha. I'm gonna do this. I think tomoro will be easier because I have work as a distraction x

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Don't do it tinkerbell lol!! By the way what's ur real name? I'm charlotte! In hungrey now but trying to wait till at least 7 to have porriage, if we can just get through the first 3 days we should be ok then! If u feel week come on here n message lol! I'm on through my iPhone so check it alot!

Oh n do u know if u can have coke zero? My cc said no but on here it says yes?? I'm confused :( x
Oh n do u know if u can have coke zero? My cc said no but on here it says yes?? I'm confused :( x
I have coke zero as a treat now and again, I wouldn't advise it as a daily thing because it can really leave you bloated sometimes. I think most people on here would agree that it's ok in moderation! :) I think Dr Pepper Zero is ok too (could be wrong about that!!) oh and don't have them instead of your water though! :D x