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Day 1

Hi all
Decided to start today (Sunday) rather than waiting till tomorrow as I think I will have put on half a stone in preparing to start if I waited any longer. I am motivated by all your great weight losses and hope you can give me words of encouragement as I don't usually last on a diet more than ermmm 5 days...well maybe even 3 days!!! I know I will be coming on here a lot whenever I feel temptation coming my way. How did other people find their "Day 1" and at what point does it become routine, and you get used to the tastes? I have never been thin and have always been overweight so I hoping that this is that time. Will be going to get weighed on Saturday morning. I hope this is as good as you all have found it to be.
Hope to hear from you soon and any advice would be appreciated.
sabina x
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wishing you lots of luck sabina, ive just done week one found the first few days the worst but after being weighed and lost 7lbs well it was all worth it, im just taking one week at a time, hubby and son had a curry last night ate it in front of me, ive been to asda today bought chicken and crusty bread for their lunch i had a flap jack, i look forward to my breakfast shake vanilla made with coffee its lovely, take it day by day and keep ya chin up you will get through it.
I am on day four and found my first 3 days really hard but when i woke up today i was feeling very positive!

I look forward to my shakes now and after trying the only chicken soup that i brought home from the chemist... i look forward to having more of them next week.

On my first day I did not like that taste of the milk shakes and did not think i was going to get used to them but the next day it was fine.. and i was able to taste past the "mud" (soya- my housemate used to put it in my tea by accident cus she is loctos so i used to say it tasted like mud) and was able to taste the flavors.

I'm not going to lie.. it will be hard but you just gotta keep thinking that it will all be worth it in the end.

I wake up and say to myself... I am going to get through today.. just take it one day at a time!

Good Luck!!

thank you for those words of encouragement. They really help. I have just called a friend as I know she is going shopping, and although I cant spend any money, it gets me out of the house and away from any temptation. Will have to come up with such plans until I get through the first week it seems. Im glad day 4 feels better for you and wow Will, you really are resisting temptation!!
Good luck
sabina x


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Best of luck!! I found shopping great motivation.....looking at all hte clothes I could wear when I lost weight.....you still can stop for a nice black tea/coffee and sparkling water - so you can still make an event of window shopping....
Window shopping for a size 12 sounds like a plan. I still cannot picture me in a size 12, but its a good reason to keep going.
Do you find that you manage to get through your 3 'meals' a day? I had a vanilla shake, had a coffee, water and a green tea, know I can manage another shake shortly, but not sure if i can stomach 3. I guess the taste is one i will have to get used to. Did anyone else have similar experiences? I cannot believe day 1 will almost be over. I thought I would have caved in already!!!! lol.
take care
sabina x


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Some days I just didnt feel hungry...but you must take the 3 to ensure you are getting all the vits and mins you need......your body will go into stravation mode and try to "hold on" to the fat otherwise.....
Really!!! Starvation mode??!!! I dont think I will manage 3 today for real. I didnt have the first one till about 1pm. will have to get better at the routine tomorrow, back at work so will have to have 'breakfast' before I go. I didnt think that my body could think it was in starvation mode - but it makes sense. Thank you for reminding me of that.


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Its so easy to forget especially when you dont feel hungry....but its soooo important to take all 3. Best of luck...have one before bedtime maybe?
i feel so full with the water. drank 1 and half litres, 2 hot drinks and one sachet. will have to force myself to have another satchet before bed. I need to space things out better tomorrow. Thanks for your advice.
Once you get through your first week its fine. Im due to have my 2nd weigh in tomorrow and once you start seeing the results it will give you the motivation and will power to carry on. Good luck and dont forget to drink your water!! xx


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Why angry Bigmama????
Maybe try one of the LT packs as a mousse, I have had a chocolate one for my dinner and it was really nice!

On Day 5!:)
thank you so much for all your advice. didnt think of it as a mousse. will give it a go. I have just managed half a choc milkshake. the head ache that many people have mentioned has arrived. Willpower!!!!!! lol. Yes youre right. Got to make it to the first weigh in. I just feel so bloated. did the 4 pints water. Im sure will be fine. I feel like im weak...lol, but I wont give in, however bad i feel. I have given all my food away to homeless shelter!!! so no option but to stick to the lipotrim!!.
Thank you for all your encouragement and ideas.
It really helps.


Says it as it is!!!
I have given all my food away to homeless shelter!!! so no option but to stick to the lipotrim!!.

Lol, i wish i could do this....my boys wouldn't be too happy tho good luck hunni:D
Yeh me too, its not the food being in the cupboard that bothers me its when im cooking it! Especially today with roast beef, I just gave myself a few mins of day dreaming about eating it lol!
how do you make it as a mousse?? or is that a silly question?? im guessing the instructions are on the carrier bag it comes in?? sorry for all the questions. trying to get my head round this.