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Day 1


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hey there! day 6 here! i feel utter poo [not down to cd] i have a very bad cold and cant even handle my shakes/soups =[

My tip is drink lots of water! remember= the more u drink the more u shirnk!

good luck! xx
I too was v excited as you feel you are actually doing something at last!

Please be kind to yourself, drink lots and lots of water as that really helps. This is the hardest week to get through (im only on day 8) and have felt rough for a couple of days but once through this week, im told it gets easier.

Good luck.



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Hi Camille,

My advice would be to try all the different soups and shakes to find the ones you really enjoy. Try using the tetras as icecream, thats really nice and yes, as Kimmie says as much water as you can get down yourself.

If you ever need any tips, encouragement, words of advice or just general support, the people here are wonderful

hey there, congrats on getting started!

well what can i say... apart from the intial excitement will 'go' (sorry...) BUT you must do this diet for what it is and not 'cos its gonna be a good laugh.

it is a HUGE sacrifice with HUGE rewards... keep this in mind when things get tough and you just want to eat.

i have to say this is probably the easiest but also the hardest diet i have ever done. but i would recommend it to anyone. food will be there at the end and the losses are well worth not eating for a few months.

sorry to put a dampener on the excitement but i wanted to be realistic and not just tell you its gonna be a ball! be prepared for bad times but fab losses!!!!!!!

best of luck xxxx
day 1 for me too, AGAIN though!

Done CD for 1 month last summer, lost over a stone

have kept it off and now im back again for another month. Im taking it in wee small stages

I have my first wedding dress fitting in 5 weeks

if you fancy a diet buddy since we on same start date????

im caroline
Hi Camille I have just started today too. Had a butterscotch shake it was surprisingly nice! :) Am a bit worried what the soup is going to taste like for lunch though!!
Welcome Camille,

Firstly, Well done on taking the first steps. A few words of advice:

1. Drink loads of water, then drink more water and when you are finished, drink some more water! It really helps and waters down the effects of withdrawal from sugar and carbs etc, if you'll pardon the pun.
2. Keep yourself regular poo wise (sorry for being gross!) but constipation is a real side effect and causes so much pain and discomfort. Take actioin before it takes hold. I take Fibresure capsules and find them very effective but there are other methods also.
3. Don't be tempted to weigh yourself every 5 minutes to see how well you are doing, not even once a day! Although it is a great motivation, it can also be disheartening and distracting. Wait until your official weigh in and wait for the surprise, motivation much greater.
4. Don't compare your weight loss to anyone else. I know some people lose 12, 14, 16 lbs in 1st week but everyone is different and the body will lose weight in it's own time.
5. Keep youself busy especially in the 1st few days when your body is getting used to the idea of the diet and you feel bored.
6. Don't be afraid to come on here and ask us anything. There are enough people on here who have experienced it, felt it, knew someone who went through it etc. Everyone is very nice and supporitve on here and have seen most scenarios (just look at all the questions about poo!).

The first few days are the worse so take it one day at a time and once you reach the magic ketosis stage it gets easier.


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I am on day 3...and my bit of advice is...keep coming on here.
When my friends & family sit munching crisps and choccy and I feel like the leper, I come on here and chat with lots of people who are going through the same things as me.
It's a wonderfully supportive site and it has certainly got me through the last couple of days.

Good luck on your weight loss hon. X
Hi hun, i hope you're having a fab start to the diet. The days will soon breeze by, just stay positive and determined and you will do fab. I think everyone has posted some really good tips but i thought i would let you know what worked for me.

I found that having an early night for the first few days helps alot and also keeping yourself busy. Try to drink a minimum of 3 litres and treat yourself to bubble baths, a nice book, have your nails done, just pamper yourself so you can treat yourself. If your an emotional eater like me, you could also try keep a food/mood diary and note down when you feel hungry and if you can distinguish whether is psychological or pysical hunger, this will really improve your relationship woth food and it feels so good when you can distinguish betwen the two. I also think that resisting the temptation to weigh yourself everyday will really help to keep you motivated because your weight will fluctate by a few pounds because of all the water we have to drink. I thikn 1 litre weighs about 2 lbs.

I hope thats useful.

Good luck for the rest of the day hun. We're here if you need us :) xx
hi camille, best of luck with the diet. The first week is tough a few things that kept me going was drinking lots of water (to keep hungar at bay espec until ketosis kicks in) keep busy my house was shining that week! Not so much anymore!! Kept looking at my fat pictures and made goals and charts stuff like that. Hope this helps and best of luck oh and come on here lots of support help advice here even just a chat there is always someone.

becky xxxxxxx


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Thanks to you all for replies and encouragement.
Had loads of water already-think i'm pee-ing for England but thats a good sign!!!!
Got loads of planning and charts and photo books/diaries to do so will give me something to do instead of eating.
Struggle will be tomorrow day off work but have loads of stuff to do so hopefully day will fly by.
Still very excited, very positive and verrrrrry determined.
Hope the soup i'm having for tea will be as nice as the strawberry shake I had for lunch.