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Day 1.


I will get into that wedding dress!
Hi Sylvie!

My first day to!
i started with a choc bar lol!! was ok not like the real thing though!!
I have some mint choc shakes might try one now for dinner!!
gonna have a soup tonight

i have no will power at all so will be looking to you to kick me up the backside!!!

good luck hun speak soon!
emmie how come you are allowed bars in week 1?
i only give them to customers in week 2...
hope your day is still going well, i too love choc mint done as a hot drink! delish...


I will get into that wedding dress!
not sure was asked if i wanted them! only allowed one a day though?
ooohh is that going to ruin it? ill save them for next week if it is! really need the BIG loss to boost me this week!
Am absolutely tired but funny enough not hungry at all. I have only had 1 shake so far as I have been at Uni all day. Will have one now and a soup a bit later on. I am not particulary craving for anything but I feel like chewing ....
It's the constant peeing that is doing my head in. I have to go to the loo so often it's a headache. How many litres of water are you supposed to have?
I was told that I should drink at least 3 liters a day! I find it really hard as well! I keep running to the toilet all the time! But luckily our body get used to all the water after a while, we just have to look forward to that! ;)
Are you guys doing any form of exercise during SS? My plan is to do pilates (for 30 minutes) around 3-5 times a week. I think that will really tone my body while I am loosing weight ;)
Girls - good luck on your second day! In my experience day two and three gets really hard, but hang in there! We can do this!!!!
I am lucky Norwaygirl because I have classes all morning then I have lots to do in the afternoon so I really don't have time to crave for food. Will be going to the supermarket in the afternoon though to buy green and peppermint tea .... here comes challenge 2. My first challenge was last night, one of my housemates was having chips with veggie chicken nuggets and it smelled lovely, I just made my oriental chilli soup and didn't even want any chips. Really proud of that.
I am doing fine. I have had lectures all day and I overslept in the morning so haven't had a shake yet but making a vanilla one in a minute!! For some reason am not hungry at all.


I will get into that wedding dress!
I actually feel really good have swapped my bars for more shakes and had a lovely butterscotch one this morning was lovely! just having a choc one hot cant say im that keen!!! but looking forward to veg soup tonight!!
have also brought the water flavourings HATE water so thats helped!
Cant believe i havent cheated yet! 2 days is the longest ive ever been on ANY diet!!