Day 10 for me!


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I cant believe it.

Ive done LL and CD and all i could get to on both was day 6 without eating and could never get back on it but here I am, on day 10 and ive not even been tempted!!!

Maybe something has happened in my brain!!

Esp since Im under so much stress at the moment, food would normally be the first thing i turned to.

Just wanted to share that, im feeling good and proud and I hope this feeling continues

even had a mad 20 mins dancing like crazy with my 2 yr old, she loved it!!!

going swimming tomorrow

thanks for all the support on here, it makes a difference and reading blogs, that helps, just finished mikes, it was fab!!

thanks everyone, i will do. i know its only 10 days but its a huge step in the right direction eh!

my thoughts are with everyone