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Day 10

Morning all,

I'm feeling more on the edge today:(
Woke up this morning and I'm hungry! Doesn't make sense.....I did have acupuncture last night so maybe that has changed some chemicals in my body or something???? No idea! lol

On a lighter note I do feel like I can suck my tummy in more today:D lol I have also booked the hall and bouncy castle for my dd1 4th birthday at the end of feb.....37 kids in her class to invite so it might be manic! But it will be her first proper party so she will love it! Not looking forward to making all that party food mind!:rolleyes:

Going to have a coffee and my bar now to fill me up a little. x
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Oh no! I was hoping it would be a breeze by day 10 (wishful thinking eh ;) ) Your losses are amazing!! Inspiration to keep going!! :) xx
Hi QB,

I get good days and bad days.
I'm trying to think am I really hungry or do I just crave food or think I should be eating.

I have a weeding in the middle of feb and my 5th wedding anniversary in early March so I just want to feel better about myself by then.....that's what's keeping me going!
Having events planned through the year helps leep you focussed doesn't it! JUst picture yourself looking AMAZING and everyone's reactions :) xx
I'm trying to keep that in mind QB I seriously am! I'm really struggling with myself today!

I know what you mean Mark, I don't find it any easier really just less hungry! And I can smell EVERYTHING!!!!
The forum really helps me, otherwise I feel alone! I hate all my skinny friends ;) And my chubbier friends don't help either, as they don't seem to have an issue with their weight and just want me to eat with them! Glad my OH is doing it too or I wouldn't last 5 minutes!!xx
My Hubby is too, not that he has a lot to lose, he's in the military, is very fit any would like to drop weight to build it back up in muscle, so it does help that I only cook for my dd1.

I hate my skinny friends too, especially the ones that have had babies and not a strchmark in sight! lol
I've not had babies and I'm still all wobbley and have stretch marks on my legs... where as one of my skinny friends has had a baby and looks great!! Not fair!! xx