Day 11 CD...Day 1 of the Paul McKenna 90 day success journal.

Hi Shazzie,

It sounds that you are moving forward and making the right decisions for you and your daughter.

Hopefully your diary thread will keep you on the straight and narrow and you will achieve your goal weight. You are not alone on this journey and with support along with being gentle with yourself the task in hand would be so difficult.

You know I am only half way there myself, but determined to get to goal:)

Thanks for your lovely comments, they are gratefully received.

Love Mini xxx

Hi Shazzie, how u doing,i am Roch and i have just restarted CD again today.I 2 have lots of weight to lose around 16 stone and know it is going to be a long journey.Where abouts r u from im from north london.
Is this the first time u have tried a vlcd.This is a mad diet but it sooo works as i know from previous attempts.
Well done on getting past day 1 once u r in ketosis it will get easier !!
Also the support and friendship from all the people on this site is amazing.
Have sent u a private message, take care and have a good day, luv Roch xxxx
Hi Shazzie

hows it going? This is the first day of the rest of your life - it is only going to get better and better, wish you all the luck!
Just wanted to say hello and welcome to you Shazzie. When I started CD I weighed in at just under 25 stone. I am halfway to my goal weight of 12 stone, but unfortunately am not able to follow a VLCD at the moment. But I will get there. You are changing your life to make a difference for you and your daughter, and I look forward to cheering you along :D
hi shazzie

Just wondering how you were doing..havent posted for a while

hope everything is going ok hun

:) Hi Shazzie,

I do hope your diet is still going well for you. I'm looking forward to your next post.
Day 3 was horrendous for me! Please keep going, I kept going and got over the major brick wall I'd hit, and usually i'd give up anything!
I'm on day 9 and at least 9lbs down so carry and hun, you can do it!
Shazzie you can do this!

Hi Shazzie,

You can do this...

As you have so much to look forward to, the fist week is the hardest and it does get so much easier.

Every pound you lose bring fitness and good health that bit closer and you will feel so good about yourself on holidays next year.

I find myself posting helps me to stay on track and you know your not alone and we are not going to judge you for we know what it is like.

Love Mini xxx
You always say the right thing, I'm so glad I found your site
Hey Shazzie - you are almost through the worst bit! Just tuck your chin onto your chest and ROAR through the next couple of days!!! Once you're in ketosis, it will all seem so much more better and manageable - honestly!!!!!

Think of walking around the fab shops in New York and being able to buy all those glorious bargains in teeny sizes! Ooh - how jealous am I?? lol

Keep posting, hun!

Hi canireallydothis,

Well I am also glad you did, as this is what it is give

support and help.


Love Mini xxx
Hey Shazzie, Mini is right - we do all know how rough it can be, and are here with you every step of the way :D