Day 111 - 75lb and 60.5" lost!

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  1. Starlit_Cazza

    Starlit_Cazza Restart 3/9/2013

    Well I am back. Been AWOL from Minimins for near enough 2 years I think (bar the odd brief drop in!). But now I am back, and I am a woman on a mission!!!!

    Who am I? Well I am a single mum, 32 and ENORMOUS. The most enormous I have ever been :break_diet: and now it is time to do something about it once and for all.

    I joined Minimins in mid-2008 and found it invaluable. At the time I was doing Cambridge and made lots of lovely friends on here and lost a mahoosive 5 stone in 3 months. Then it all went horribly wrong - my mum got sick, we found out she was going to die, we lost her in 2010, and the last couple of years have been a horrendous mix of grief, depression and eating. I am so grateful to have my daughter, she has kept me going through everything.

    I am finally in the right place to be able to do something about my weight. I've decided that TFR is the way forward for me as it is the only thing that really works (for me). I am off to meet a new Cambridge Consultant on Monday (have moved a few times since last time!), but am still undecided between Cambridge and Slim and Save. Like the personal contact that you get with being to be weighed each week! Makes me feel like I have something to aim for each week, and concerned that without that on Slim and Save I will lose focus and motivation quickly.

    So some initial goals...

    Stick to diet for 1 day/3 days/1 week/2 weeks etc

    Drink lots of water

    Make sure I see CDC every single week (if that is route I choose)

    Be significantly slimmer before my August holiday

    Finish this!!!!!

    Keeping a diary/blog helped me so much last time when I lost the 5 stone. That is why I have started anew diary and want to up date it at the very least weekly!!!
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  3. oasis6918

    oasis6918 Gold Member

    Hi, sounds like you've done so great in the past I'm sure you can do it again. I'm very sorry to hear about the loss of your mum, I don't know what I would do without mine. It's such an awful thing to lose someone. I don't know much about the Cambridge diet, I'd love to do a vlcd but I dont think I'd have the will power. I'm going to look into it though as I have 5st plus to lose. Good luck with your journey x
  4. Starlit_Cazza

    Starlit_Cazza Restart 3/9/2013

    Well I have decided I am going to start tomorrow while I still have the momentum and excitement of starting again! I am going to do my measurements tonight and pin them to the fridge - I didn't do measurements last time and really wish I had because I think they would have got me through the tough weeks! I am seeing my Counsellor or Consultant or whatever they are called now in the morning. I remember from last time that once I really got in to the swing of it it was a real struggle to actually want 3 packs in a day! Hoping that is going to be the case again...
  5. Starlit_Cazza

    Starlit_Cazza Restart 3/9/2013

    So today has been a prep day - my way! Eating things that I like to eat, before abstinence begins tomorrow. This has included a trip to my favourite cafe place for a big yummy breakfast and some of their epic cake. I love cake, but it is my nemesis, and I won't be eating it again for the foreseeable future, so made the most of it.

    I also popped to Tesco and got a few bits in in prep - green tea and peppermint tea, few bottles of water, and some bullioun (or however you spell it!). I get a bit bored of black coffee and tea, so find the green tea and peppermint tea adds a bit of variety! I also have my sleeping tablets ready - essential I have found to get through the first few nights! I am also reading back my blog from 2008 in the hope it will inspire me...

    Off to see my Cambridge person in the morning... eeek!
  6. PurpleRoses

    PurpleRoses Gold Member

    Hope day 1 goes smoothly for you. You seem in the zone so once you get past the first few days I'm sure you'll be flying x
  7. Starlit_Cazza

    Starlit_Cazza Restart 3/9/2013

    50 reasons to lose weight

    1)I am doing this for me!
    2)I am also doing this for my daughter
    3)My back hurts alllllll the time
    4)I find walking hard work
    5)I get out of breath too easily
    6)I want to wear nice clothes! It is really tough finding nice clothes in a size 24/26
    7)I want to wear a bra that really fits
    8)I want to be comfortable
    9)I don't want to bruise my hips sitting in a cinema seat
    10)I am going on holiday in August and I want to fit in the airplane seat!
    11)I don't want to look like a beached whale next to the pool/on the beach on holiday!
    12)I want to run around and play with my daughter, not just watch from the sidelines
    13)I don't want my daughter to be fat like me
    14)I don't want my daughter to be ashamed of me!
    15)I am sick of being "the fat one"
    16)I want people to stare at me for the right reasons, not the wrong ones
    17)I want to control my eating habits
    18)I want to enjoy exercise again!
    19)I want to get fit
    20)I want to take my daughter to the waterpark and enjoy it without feeling self conscious
    21)I live next to the beach - I want to enjoy that and make the most of it next summer!
    22)I don't want to be hot all of the time
    23)I want my health to improve
    24)I want more energy back
    25)I want to become more self confident and less self conscious
    26)I want to be a "normal" size
    27)I want to like my own reflection
    28)I want to learn to snowboard
    29)I don't want to die young because of my weight
    30)I don't want to suffer health problems in the future because of my weight
    31)I want to wear high heels again, so much easier when you aren't an elephant!
    32)I want to be healthy
    33)I want my family to be proud of me
    34)I want to show all those who don't think I can do it that they are wrong
    35)I want to increase my chances of having a fantastic job
    36)I want to be happy to be photographed, rather than shying away from the camera
    37)I want some professional photos taken of me and my daughter, and to be proud of them
    38)I want my daughter to be proud of me
    39)I want to sail again
    40)I want to be a good role model to my daughter
    41)I want to wear clothes I don't bulge out of
    42)I want to bin my big fat clothes, once and for all
    43)I want to be a role model to others
    44)I want to be happy
    45)I want to smile and laugh and not feel awkward and uncomfortable
    46)I want to wear tight clothes and feel attractive
    47)I don't want to be morbidly obese and labelled by doctors.
    48)I want to run
    49)I want to go and try clothes on in a shop and find stuff that fits
  8. oasis6918

    oasis6918 Gold Member

    I loved reading this list, great idea to write down why you are doing this, I think I will do that also and stick it onto the inside of our sweet cupboard along with a pic of myself (I'm size 18 now but I was bigger 6 months ago while having)
    You sound very motivated, good luck on your journey and I hope you have a lovely New Year xx
  9. Starlit_Cazza

    Starlit_Cazza Restart 3/9/2013

    Thank you.

    Well went to see my Consultant this morning for my pre-diet weigh in and I am *only* 24stone 9, not the 25 stone that I had utterly dreaded! Yes I know it is only a difference of 5lb, but it is 5lb in the right direction, which is good!

    Just had my first shake - a chocolate tetra - and about to plough in to the first bottle of water for the day. This weight IS going to come off this time, once and for all.
  10. PurpleRoses

    PurpleRoses Gold Member

    The list is a fab idea, think i'll start one too.

    Glad the meet went well. hey its 5 less lbs to lose so thats great. :)
  11. Starlit_Cazza

    Starlit_Cazza Restart 3/9/2013

    Day 2

    And so far so good :)

    Went to bed about 00.30 last night and lay in bed listening to my very rumbly tummy :( Woke up twice in the night with cramps in my calves - had forgotten about those! Bah. Then woke up this morning with a thumping headache, which I am putting down in part to doing Cambridge and in part to having no caffeine whatsoever yesterday, when normally I would drink caffeinated drinks all day long! Couple of co-codamol, some water and a cup of tea seems to have sorted that out fortunately!

    Had a tetra about 11am. Went out and met my friend at the lake for a walk with the kids, got back about 3.30pm and had a cappuccino shake blended with lots of ice...mmmmmmm. Large cup of tea with that, and now just sitting with a large peppermint tea before getting up to run the child's bath! Sipping my way through the water too, so easily consumed over 2litres so far.

    Headache disappeared pretty quickly, and actually feeling ok (other than freezing!). My dear friend bought me a large box of milk tray for Christmas, which she gave me today. I need to do something with it, can't just have it in the house mocking me!!!! Would it be wrong to stick it in the freezer?
  12. Starlit_Cazza

    Starlit_Cazza Restart 3/9/2013

    Day 2 finished :) Wooooo. Tired, achey, but otherwise ok! Back to work tomorrow. Just been reflecting on the fact that this is the first time whilst doing this diet that I have had a "proper" job - previously whilst trying to do this diet I was working as a Nurse and working shifts. Definitely think it will be a lot easier doing a regular 9-5 job!!!
  13. oasis6918

    oasis6918 Gold Member

    I find my diet goes better while I'm at work (9-5) too. I do think being in a routine makes a lot of difference x
  14. Starlit_Cazza

    Starlit_Cazza Restart 3/9/2013

    Day 5 whoop whoop!!!
  15. Starlit_Cazza

    Starlit_Cazza Restart 3/9/2013

    Day 6 - still all good :D Just having my 3rd shake (cappuccino shake blended with ice and a spoonful of coffee).

    Went to Tesco earlier. Haven't weighed myself since Monday when I saw Consultant. Popped to the loo and they had one of those electric scales that give you the print out. Well... I just couldn't resist! Stepped on, put my 50p in... and it swallowed my money!!!!! I am taking this as a sign that I am not meant to weigh in between official weigh ins!
  16. Starlit_Cazza

    Starlit_Cazza Restart 3/9/2013

    Well... I decided to add my "before" photo. This was taken about 6 months ago (my weight has been steady for the last couple of years so a good representation, and the last full body shot I seem to have - I hate having my photo taken).

    I will never be this fat again. Going to go and print it out and stick it on my fridge to remind me every time I go to the fridge why I am doing this!

  17. Sarah7510

    Sarah7510 Full Member

    Hey hun im on day 4 your doing fab sorry to hear that about your mom, you can do this hunni for all the right reasons im with you all the way :) is weigh in day tommrow ? X
  18. Starlit_Cazza

    Starlit_Cazza Restart 3/9/2013

    Yes weigh in Monday. Terrified in case I haven't lost anything! I know that is irrational because I can't not have lost anything, but this is the first time I haven't weighed myself at all between official weigh ins so no idea what is going on!!!
  19. PurpleRoses

    PurpleRoses Gold Member

    Good luck with the wi, i'm sure you'll have a fab result
  20. Starlit_Cazza

    Starlit_Cazza Restart 3/9/2013

    Thanks, had my weigh in and lost 16lb! Initially was a little disappointed, but then remembered that it has been totm wince Thursday and my initial weigh in was in the morning, and my weigh in today was at 5.30pm. So onwards! Nearly at the end of day 8 and still 100% :)
  21. oasis6918

    oasis6918 Gold Member

    You've lost 16lb in 1 week? I'm a bit lost I think but anyway well done on your excellent loss x

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