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Day 13 - so why

do I feel so incredibly hungry all the time. I'm in Kitosis, I drink my water (in the form of very large mugs of black tea - I hate water, even with the flavours). Tonight I was that hungry I actually felt sick to my stomach and I also felt quite down all day as well.

I'm ok now as I'm drinking my evening meal, but I was so so tempted to break the diet, when my husbadn and children were having their sunday tea I had to sit away from them.

I've been baking today to try and stop me thinking about eating and keeps me busy (believe it or not cooking & baking for the family helps me keep the thoughts of eating at bay).

Last night everyone had pizza, by god but it was hard to have some.

So what am I doing wrong?
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I'd say 5 pounds down and sticking to CD means you are doing nothing wrong at all honey!!!

All I can think of to make the hunger go away is to drink more, but as you aren't enjoying water, I think it means you will have to up your tea intake! Have you measured how much water is in one of your mugs of tea hun....I know it sounds daft, but maybe you need a bigger mug or maybe you could add more water to the shakes and soups?

Try to stay positive honey and you WILL do this!

(((((huge hugs)))))
I have my soups and shakes in large mugs - they measure about 350ml (I use one of those cambridge shakers and they are well over the recommended markers. My tea mug is also the same size as my shake/soup mug so I know I'm getting the correct fluid intake. I also know I doing well on the weight loss (currently another 5lbs down this week according to my scales) I just don;t know why I'm so hungry this time, I never felt hungry the last time around and god the cravings are so much worse. I really don't know how I haven't craved yet.
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Im constantly hungry-non stop! Everyone said days 3 and 4 were the worse but for me todays even worse! its getting worse as the days go on if anything...im drinking water and like you am in ketosis but i keep going thinking its all or nothing.
All i keep craving is things on ryveita...banana, peanut butter, turkey!xxx
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Fatpig13 & essexmum - i know exactly what you mean!!!!!
I've had my 2nd weigh-in and am achieving a great weight loss, but I have to admit my 2nd week was sooooo tough! Every evening i was drooling over the contents of my cupboards! It really hasn't got any easier as the days go by, but I drink all the water and have my packs. But i still have cravings for food and do feel hungry.
Yet I am motivated to see this through for at least 1 month and just take each day at a time.
We can do it girls!! Have hope & perseverance & loads love & hugs coming your way x x x x
I thought about and craved food quite a bit in wk 2, I wasn't hungry but I think I just 'missed' food having got through wk 1 intact! It does get easier honestly, I get the nibbles occasionally especially if I'm just watching the tele in which case I either get up and do something or go to bed!


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Hi Essexmum & FP, I found that when I could have the bars they helped as I could spread them over the day easier than the soups and shakes. I nearly always have my shakes as 2 half packs, and always do that with soup. I use about 300ml of water with each half pack of soup. Means that of you do wanna eat you have more meals in a day. I also find the mixamousse brilliant, wasn't keen at first but have been really getting into them, and having 2 mousses a day. Feels more like proper food. I also try and wait until I feel like I need something to eat in a morning rather than getting up and having something. Sometimes its 8, other times it may be 11. I hope it gets easier for you guys....