Day 14 - What have I done!

Hey Annette

Best of luck with your re-start!!! you can do this girl and be 3 stone lighter by xmas

sending you big positive vibes :D :D

Gen xx
Good on you Anette.
You sound so positive keeep it up.
You can do it a 12st you for christmas.
yes you will do it.
sending you lots of positive vibes to help you on your way.
Keep us posted on how you are doingxx
Hi Annette
Good luck SSING, I start LL SSING Thursday so I'll join you in your Christmas Challenge of 3 stone to gooooooooo :D
*runs in with her pom-poms*

and does a few woo-hoo's

good on you

for re-startin

Well done on your goal, i'm sure you'll make it with lots of determination! I'm not going to wish you good luck as you won't need it. You sound very positive...I'll be looking out for your post next week regarding your weigh in ;).

Good - plodding along - general trend is down though which is good - am not really ssing at the mo as i'm training for the great south run for my sins!!