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Day 14!!


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Hi Everyone,

Not been on a lot over the weekend at all we have been so busy!

I very nearly had a major blip on saturday - I found this completely my hardest day, I have no idea why but I ended up ringing my CDC as I sat with a bowl of tuna in front of me, she was lovely and basically said - If i wanted to eat it then I wouldnt have rang her so I promptly put it in the bin!

Yesterday I made a huge raost dinner for the family................. Shoved a piece of gammon in my mouth chewed it then spat it out because I felt so bad again!

I dont know whats the matter with me these past few days :sigh:

I have got my official weigh in tomorrow with CDC and according to my scales I have lost 4.5lb which if is correct then i am really chuffed with.

I am also struggling to get the water down my neck this week too.

Very strange but I found week 1 a walk in the park compared to this past week!!!

Anyway I hope you are all doing fab!!!!

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Aww hun

Maybe its your Totm coming up! I get ravenous around that time no matter what diet I'm on!

I do hope you feel better today. And well done you for resisting though :p

I hope the scales are good to you and gives you the encouragement to go on steely strong :D

Hayley 22

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Your doing so well! Cant believe it has been 2 weeks for you already!
Your weight loss is inspirational to me. . . i had a blip on the first day i started and that was it. I felt so guilty i threw all the naughties in the bin, much to my boyfriends horror hahahaha.
If he really wanted them he would have eaten them before then!

I find drinking water over the weekend is the hardest, while im at my desk at work its fine but if im at home im distracted by the tv, puppy, boyfriend, phone, friends etc.

Hope you find it gets easier again :)


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Awww thanks guys, My totm is not until 28th so i cant use that as an excuse lol!!

Hopefully I will get over it, i am determined not to be a fat mummy anymore........

you are all doing brilliantly!! :D xx


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It's day 14 for me to and I have weigh in tonight and I'm dreading it. Had a bad weekend to.

I've been having a really long TOTM, getting on for 8 days now!! Don't know whats going on there. Wondering if it'll have an effect on my weigh in tonight as it did last week.

You're not alone :hug99:

Claire x


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This is my day 11 and I'm finding this week harder than the first. Don't know why, wonder if everyone is the same.


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Well done on staying strong and resisting Truffle - these 2 weeks have gone really quick haven't they! I've got my first (should be second) weigh in tonight and am hoping for a good loss - am sure the scales will be good for you tomorrow :)


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I've been having a really long TOTM, getting on for 8 days now!! Don't know whats going on there. Wondering if it'll have an effect on my weigh in tonight as it did last week.

You're not alone :hug99:

Claire x

my totm has been a bit screwed up since being on CD too, lasting a lot longer than normal and earlier than normal. i think your WI should be ok as we only tend to retain water before totm and the first 1 or 2 days.

you are all doing really well and you can get through this, weekends are always the worst but it does get much easier :D

just think to yourselves its gonna be so worth it in the end


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Your doing really well, you was tempted but never gave in... your strong. Keep going look at the end goal and you will be fine :D


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i struggled a bit yesterday, went with the family and dog to the woods and just cried.


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Hi Truff --

It has been 14 days. I am very impressed that you have managed to remain strong -- and your CD counsellor was right. If you really wanted to eat the tuna, you'd have eaten it and not called her.

The chewing and spitting out bit is disgusting, but on the tele show "The Diets that Time Forgot" that is part of what the Edwardians doing the "Chew, Chew" diet were expect to do -- chew each mouthful 32 times, and let the food run down the back of their throats -- whatever didn't drain was spat out.

They found this too replusive and so were allowed to swallow (only after chewing 32 times) -- and this group lost the most weight on the average (more than the people on the low calorie or high protein ones). So, you've probably done little harm with that activity.

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Hi guys, sorry not replied sooner, been busy sorting some stuff out for my boss - even though I am on maternity leave!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrr!

I have been ok I suppose today!!

Thanks for all of the replies, just want to get tomorrows weigh in out of the way and then make a start on week 3.

I am feeling determination again so watch this space!!!

Thanks Trash for checking up one me heeeheee! How has your day been??

Minnie - I know when i read back my first post, chewing it up and spitting it out was totally vile lol, to be honest, I did shove it in my mouth with the intention of swallowing it but then the guilt crept in which was why i spat it out :D