Day 16 of Lighter Life


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Hi. I'm new to the forum and I've really enjoyed reading the posts and blogs of everyone. It's really given me an inspiration to keep going. I've been so suprised how easy Foundation has been so far. I've never felt to motivated to just complete a diet and not go grab a ham sandwich or some macaroni and cheese from the fridge. I'm very glad that I found this forum.
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Hi Scooper, welcome to Minimins!

Its like having your very own group here!


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Thanks. I have been lurking for two weeks. I joined my group in their second week when they were small. Last week we had more people join so we are 12 people and all on different weeks. Our LLC is away for the next two weeks and we will only have a locum for next week's class. The week after they are holding a pop in. So we basically are going to have to work hard to form a bond. But, it's ok-as long as I'm losing weight and feeling better than I have in years I don't mind.


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I'm on day 14 today so just behind you.. we can all support each other on here so don't be afraid to lean if you need to over the next few weeks!