Day 2.. and decided to start a diary :-)

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  1. juliekane

    juliekane Active Member

    Hello all!

    I am on my second day on the attack phase and feeling more energetic than yesterday which is just great .. although i do find myself being a little hungry and snacking on the fat free natural yog quite a bit. Is thi unlimited??

    Day 1:
    B- 2 scrambled eggs
    S- muller light by 2
    L- chicken breast pieces
    D- Steak and onion, fat free nat yog, porridge
    Fluids- 2 litres of water, 2 coffees with skim milk, 1 diet coke

    Day 2:
    B- Fat free natural yog with porridge
    L- Chicken breast grilled with spices, Muller light
    D- 2 egg omellete with a chicken breast
    S- fat free yog and sugar free jelly
    Drinks- 2 litres water, 2 coffees with skim milk, 1 diet coke

    I know muller lights might be a nono, but i really cant live without something sweet and a little bit of taste around lunchtime and i am a terrible night time eater.. so kind of something i feel i cant deprive myself of.. naughty i know but i see other women do this and manage to lose weight so fingers crossed :)

    If anybody has any tips or suggestions to improve what i am eating.. please do so? Oh, and lovely to meet u all! :-D xxx
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  3. Maintainer

    Maintainer ** Chief WITCH **

    Hi Julie and welcome,

    I don't know your current weight (perhaps you could fill in your profile), but it doesn't look to me that you're eating enough pure protein. Yoghurts etc won't fill you up and, although you can have as much fat free dairy as you wish on attack, in cruise where you're limited, you might find your current menu a little dairy heavy for optimum weight loss.

    In attack, "onion" can only be cooked with for flavour (or eaten in a condiment quantity...).

    Check out our recipe threads. There are some very inventive chefs on this site! You will soon get sick of chicken breasts too!

    Good luck!
  4. juliekane

    juliekane Active Member

    Thanks chief! lovely to meet you!

    So you think I am eating too much dairy?? I will try over the coming days to cut it down ... :) Also, put in my weight just there... thanks for the help !

    Day Three Attack Menu:-

    B- Fat free natural yog
    L- Chicken breast in tika spices, 1 boiled egg, vanilla muller light
    D- Steak and scrambled eggs
    S- sugar free jelly

    Does this menu look a bit better? increased protein and less dairy? Also is sugarfree jelly unlimited?

    Would love to hear from someone who is about the same weight as myself and how they are finding their weightloss journey on dukan :)

    I am going for a 5 day attack... if i make it !! But find I have much more energy today! No weakness or headaches at all as of now :)
  5. juliekane

    juliekane Active Member

    also.. I do have my period and am extremely bloated in the tummy area, but have noticed today that my waiste has gone in quite a bit ! wooohooo... hopefully when 'aunt flow' leaves town ill see the proper results of the attack phase!! x
  6. ellie1969

    ellie1969 Well-Known Member

    Are you having your oatbran ? It's very important part of the diet
  7. juliekane

    juliekane Active Member

    hey ellie!
    I am having poridge in the yog at morning times
  8. Maintainer

    Maintainer ** Chief WITCH **

    "porridge" in yoghurt? 1.5 tablespoons oatbran, yes?
    Sugar free jelly isn't unlimited either. Two portions a day (or is it three?).
    Good luck!
  9. juliekane

    juliekane Active Member

    oh yes! oatbran :) thats great to know.. thanks a million!!! and well done on your own weightloss!! x
  10. Jojo25

    Jojo25 Well-Known Member

    Welcome Hun, food diary looks better. Jelly is 3 portions a day x
  11. juliekane

    juliekane Active Member

    cheers jojo :) thanks for the help!!

    I am really getting into this way of eating.. i dont eat fish but i am thinking of starting to eat tuna tomorrow :) x
  12. Zoesastar

    Zoesastar Well-Known Member

    I think if you want to try fish try a plain white fish fillet like cod or haddock, im not a massive fish eater but i like the white meat... Tuna might put u off trying something nicer

    Salmon fillets are lovely too
  13. juliekane

    juliekane Active Member

    i tried salmon before.. but i found the taste a lil odd (bit like myself :) !) I am going to try the tinned tuna later and am going shopping at the wknd and plan to buy some cod.. fingers crossed i get into eating the fish!! would be great as it is so light..!

    I am drinking 1.5 litres of water a day, 2 coffees and maybe 1 diet drink! im going to up it to two litres of water today! and i am going to aim at having a more protein rich day today!

    Day 4 attack :
    B- fat free nat yog with porridge
    L- 1 steak and 1 chicken breast 2 scramled eggs
    D- chicken breast marinaded in tikka spices and 2 tsps fat free yog, 1 scamled egg, 2 egg whites
    S-Tuna canned in brine
    D- 2 litres water, 2 coffees w skim milk and sweetner

    does this menu look better?? any advice? :)

    today I am full of energy!! feel really great and can see and feel a difference around my stomach area already! amazing results :) Although i was so contipated last night that i had severe cramps in my tummy so i had to take a mild laxative, but it worked and feeling much much better :)

    thanks for all the great advice girls!! its all going really well x
  14. Jojo25

    Jojo25 Well-Known Member

    I'm not a big fish eater either & tend to stick with cod. I don't eat tuna but I think I'd opt for tuna in spring water if you start stalling, the salt might make you retain water ? I'm sure one of the "experts" will advise. Rest of the food looks fab x
  15. juliekane

    juliekane Active Member

    thanks huni :) ill keep you posted on the fish liking/disliking! x
  16. sididd

    sididd Well-Known Member

    menus looking good :D
  17. juliekane

    juliekane Active Member

    thank u sid :) x
  18. juliekane

    juliekane Active Member

    Day 5 menu:

    B- fat free nat yog and oat bran
    L- muller light and chicken breast pieces
    D- large sirloin steak, 2 scramled aggs and 1 egg white
  19. juliekane

    juliekane Active Member

    so i ended up going out and had maybe 5 vodkas and diet 7-ups ooops!!

    Day 6 menu (1st day of cruise phase!):
    B- oat bran and fat free nat yogurt
    L- small steak, 2 eggs
    D- chicken tikka with broccoli, peppers and spices and nat yog
    S- 2 muller lights, fat free jelly

    thoughts on this menu??
  20. sididd

    sididd Well-Known Member

    If you find your weight stalls I would drop the muller lights (they have never stalled me but its something I was always aware of) Looks good as a menu. and remember never be hungry fill up on protein if needs be xxx
  21. juliekane

    juliekane Active Member

    oh, i know.. iv been a lil bold over the wknd with the mullers.. i think alcohol gives me the mega munchies!! but i must say ladies, i am very proud of myself.. usually if i have a night out, like friday night and then the next day have a huge binge!!! but i didnt.. well i had two toffee mullers but that was a huge thing for me not to eat lots of crisps and sweeeets :) woohooo!! very proud of myself and i must say that eating some broccoli yesterday and some peppers made such a huge difference nom nom nom!!

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