Day 2 and i'm feeling rough!


Well, i've managed to get thorough the first 48 hours but am feeling very rough. Went to visit my parents in Shropshire, who then decided to eat both lunch and dinner in front of me! I think this diet would be much better if everyone else was on it. So feeling a bit cheesed off tonight, very tired, head achy and dying to eat something crispy! Hoping day 3 will be a bit more positive. Mind you .... i still want to be thin more than i want to eat!!
Be strong Julia. Just hang in there

This is the hardest part. Better days to come:cool:
Keep going and you will be ok, Karion is right, this is the hardest part, if you can do this you will fly x
Hi Julia,

Poor you, it is horrible to feel unwell and to have to suffer the torture of other people eating at the same time!
This poorliness is a sign that you are going into ketosis - so the fat burning will start really soon and then you'll feel much better!
Keep sipping the water and don't hesitate to call me for a moan if it will help!
Stay strong,
much love,
Mind you .... i still want to be thin more than i want to eat!!

Good for you juju, what a great positive attitude Just hang in there, it really will get better

As everyone has said, keep glugging the water and think how FANTASTIC you're going to feel when you step on those scales at the end of your first week :)